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Exporting your data to a new product

How to transfer your data solely depends on the new products that you are moving to, and what they are compatible with. 

Please see below that we have several different ways to export your data. 

  1. All Demco Software products, you can utilize your reports and export the reports to CSV or save them as Excel files. 
  2. All Demco Software products, Demco Software Support can export all your data from the backend into a CSV file or Excel file.  Please provide a date range, and the data needed within the export. 
  3. All Demco Software products, Demco Software Support can export your data from the backend into SQL. 
  4. New Core products (SignUp, Spaces, and DIBS), your "super" admin can export the data by going to Settings > Data Export from the staff side. 
  5. New Core products API:

Please reach out to Demco Software Support, if you need help exporting your data or to request SignUp API keys. 

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