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How to Transfer a Patron in SignUp

When a patron needs to be moved from one event to another, the Transfer workflow can be used.

Note: You can begin on the Event attendance page if you have several patrons to transfer. Skip to step 3.


1. Begin by locating the patron via Find Patron workflow, Click on History: (single patron transfer)


2. From the Registration View, click on the name of the event you wish to transfer the patron FROM:


3. Click on Transfer from this screen:


4. This will move you to Transfer Mode, where you will receive this warning message and the option to go back to the attendance list.


5. Choose the NEW event you want to transfer the patron to and click on Transfer Patron.


6. A confirm transfer pop-up modal will appear to confirm your transfer request.


7. When the transfer is complete, you will end on the Original Event’s Attendance page; the green "transfer is confirmed" success message will appear at the top.

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