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Editing Events With Registration Enabled

**Please Note: This feature has not been released.  Feel free to follow the version history notes  for SignUp to be notified when it is released. 



This article will cover editing an event in SignUp after patrons have registered for the event.

Events with registration were originally designed to prevent modifying the date, time, location, and/or space of an event after patrons had registered for the event.  This created a lengthy workaround to adjust an event.  Customers identified this lacking flexibility as a key pain point in event management.  It is not an uncommon need to move an event to a more appropriately sized room and/or different date/time.  In addition to updating the event edit function, a patron notification option was created.

If an event has registrants, a change in the date, time, location, and/or space will trigger the patron notification option.  This function will not be triggered if the setup/take down times are adjusted nor any of the other editable fields (title, event type, age groups, event details, etc.)

Edit Event

  • select the edit button on the event from any view
  • edit the event's date, time, location, and/or space
  • select the save button

Patron Notification

The patron notification alert will be triggered after selecting save on the event

  • Send an notification Email: An email will be sent notifying the registrants of a change in the event's date, time, location, and/or space.
  • Email Note:  The text entered in this field will be added to the notification email sent to the patrons. 
  • Don't send a notification Email:  The patrons will not be notified of the event's change.

Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Staff Users
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  • Summary: Editing Events With Registration Enabled
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