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Recommended Image Sizes for SignUp, SignUp Mobile, Spaces, D!BS, and Wandoo Reader

This document outlines the recommended image sizes for room, branch, banner, and map images, etc. used in SignUp, SignUp Mobile, D!bs and Spaces.

SignUp Event:

  • Min Width: 200px
  • Min Height: 200px
  • If an image is smaller than these sizes, the social sharing feature will default to pulling in your calendar banner image

SignUp Banner:

  • No Max Width
  • Max Height: 160px

SignUp Mobile Banner:

  •  No Max Width
  •  Max Height: 45px
  •  Recommended width no larger than 320px (iPhone screen size)

Spaces Room:

  •  Max Width: 138px
  •  Max Height: 85px

Spaces Banner:

  • Max Width: 1170px
  • Max Height: 160px

Spaces Room Layouts:

  • Max Width: 136px
  • No Max Height
  • Recommended/Default: 125px Width x 90px Height

D!BS Room & Location:

  •  Max Width: 90px; 
  •  No Max Height
  •  Recommended Height: 60px

D!BS Banner:

  •  No Max Width
  •  Max Height: 45px
  •  Recommended width no larger than 320px (iPhone screen size)

Wandoo Reader Logo:

  • Max Width: 350px
  • Max Height: 50px

Wandoo Reader Banner:

  • Max Width: 1200px
  • Max Height: 200px

Wandoo Reader Challenge:

  • No Max Width
  • No Max Height
  • Recommended file no larger than 500kb
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  • Applicable To: All Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: Recommended image sizes for SignUp, Spaces and Dibs
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