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Understanding Attendance Sheet Usage

The Video above will go over the very same ideas as described below.

Attendance Type options will only be displayed on the Registration Page when you are creating a recurring Event.

There are two distinct types of Attendance: Individual & Shared. You will most commonly use an Individual Attendance Sheet.

Individual Attendance Sheets are useful when you are setting up an event series which has multiple instances of the same event which will require separate registration and separate attendance sheets. This style of event is commonly used for weekly Children's Storytime, or a Monthly HOA meeting.

Shared Attendance Sheets are useful when you are setting up an event series which you are wanting your patrons to register for once, and the patron will be registered for all existing events in the series. Meaning, the first instance of the recurring event has the attendance sheet for all instances of the events. This would typically be used if you had a week long class on Microsoft Excel. In this instance, the assumption would be that the patron would register to attend every class that week, so registration is kept in the one spot - event if the registration was taken on the third day of that event.

Please note: When running attendance reports, the attendance on a Shared attendance recurring event series will only display if the first day of the recurrence in the report and none of the attendance will be displayed in the subsequent instances of the recurring event.

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