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SignUp and D!BS Automated Text Service Keywords

This article lists keywords that your SignUp and D!BS systems respond to when included as a text-reply by your patrons.

Our current texting service works in accordance with industry standard keywords that patrons may use unsubscribe or re-subscribe to the service's automated reminders.

If a patron responds to the system's text reminder/confirmation text, with a message that includes the following list of keywords, the service will respond as described:

  • STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT: Any patron reply-text messages with this content will stop customers from receiving messages from your library's number. 
  • START and YES: Any patron reply-text messages with this content will opt customers back in to the messages coming from your library's phone number.
  • HELP and INFO: Any patron reply-text messages with this content will return a message informing the customer that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages.


Please Note: If you patron is having issue receiving text reminders/confirmations from your SignUp or D!BS repectively, it is most likely due to the fact that at some point, the patron replied to a text reminder with a cancellation keyword, thus cancelling themselves from any further text reminders from your library.  To remedy this issue, have the patron reply to your library's text service with the word "START", to reinstate their subscription to the text service.

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  • Summary: This article lists keywords that your SignUp, and D!BS systems respond to when included in a text reply by your patrons.
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