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Events mobile is here! Existing Events customers can request it from Evanced Support any time. There is no additional cost.

Events mobile will allow patrons to view and register for your events entered on your calendar.

Patrons will access the mobile page via a special link that will be provided to you upon installation.

Please note that some limitations apply. Check the list below for details.
  • System default template will be used for confirmation page, instead of custom template.
  • Emails like confirmations and notifications are not supported. 
  • Staff-reserved spots 'Internal Spots' cannot be protected, if used. 
  • Patron address cannot be collected for mobile registration, if enabled. 
  • Payment required event registrations will continue to happen through the normal web page, even though the mobile site will still display them and provide proper instructions.
  • Out of range birthdate or age selection will not be automatically rejected, but can still be removed from the staff side if they occur.
  • Events mobile sites can only be viewed in Chrome or Safari internet browsers, if using a regular computer or laptop. 
  • ILS authentication cannot be used.
  • It may not be compatible with all mobile browsers such as Firefox. 
There are specific requirements for Events sites that are installed on customer servers. This might hinder the mobile installation on those systems.

Please contact us for details.

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