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Setting up Authorize.net for Credit Card Processing

Authorize.net uses a special set of login credentials referred to as the API Login ID and the Transaction Key.

If you do not have this information handy, you can reset your transaction ID by logging into your account at https://account.authorize.net/ and selecting the Account Tab, then selecting API Login ID and Transaction Key under Security Settings.

When setting up your credit card setup information in Events or Rooms, you need to keep in mind that:

  • Merchant ID = API Login ID
  • Merchant Password = Transaction Key


Once you've setup your Login information, you need to make sure you can communicate with Authorize.net. In the same area where you got your API Login ID and Transaction Key, you can select Test Mode to switch your system into a mode that accepts fake testing credit cards.

Now back in the Events or Rooms credit card setup page, we can choose to run a Test Transaction. Remember to set all settings at the ALL BRANCHES level and then copy them to individual branches. This takes us to the credit card entry page, where we can use generic information up to the credit card pieces, where we'll use:

  • CC #: 4007000000027
  • CCV #: 123
  • Date: Anything later than the current month.

When you select Process Payment the card will run and give you a "verbose" error or acceptance message letting you know if it was able to communicate ok or if there were problems.

Live Testing

We always suggest 1 live test just to make sure things are working properly (Address Verification, for example, is only checked in "Live" mode).

  • In your Authorize.net configuration, switch back to Live mode.
  • In the Events or Rooms credit card setup page, switch to Live mode and select Save.

Now you can select Test a LIVE Transaction to make a $1 charge to a real credit card. Keep in mind, this is a real credit card charge, so you will need to enter the real billing address for the card.

When you select Process Payment, the card will run and give you a "verbose" error or acceptance message, letting you know if it was able to communicate ok or if there were problems.

Going Live

If the Live test went ok, in Events or Rooms credit card setup you can switch the Enable Processing from No to Yes and you now be accepting credit cards as a form of payment.

Keep in mind that you will need to set up cost classes for your Rooms, Equipment or Event Registrations depending on which module you're using credit cards in.

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