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Before Transferring Your Evanced Site to Your New Server

Here is what you need to know and plan for before you transfer your Evanced site to a new server:

1. Determine any IP restrictive options and ensure they apply to the new server.

a. If you are using email notifications in the Evanced system, make sure your new server is allowed to relay email through the SMTP server you are currently using. Contact your email admin for more details.
There is a detailed article on email setup: http://kb.demcosoftware.com/article.php?id=72
b. If you are authenticating your patrons' library cards against your ILS system, also make sure that the new server is allowed to connect to your ILS system. Contact your ILS admin for more details.
c. If you currently have a custom header on your Evanced calendar/room request page or using your own images on the Summer Reader page, make sure to either move the images as well or locate where they are referenced in the source code to make any necessary link changes.

2. If Evanced is doing the transfer for you, please ensure that we (Evanced) have a good remote connection to both old and new servers (and database server if it is on a different machine) Demco no longer supports this task. 

3. Notify staff when the move will be taking place so that no editing is going on during the transfer. Make sure that they account for up to 30 minutes of downtime.

4. Determine all links that point to the existing application and be prepared to change them after the move over time.

If needed, we can also set up redirects on your original server so that all traffic from your links will be rerouted immediately. Make sure to request that, if interested.

Here is the article with actual transfer instructions:
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