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Staff-side Session Timeout in Events and Room Reserve

NOTE: This article is for Installed Customers of our Classic Products (Events & Room Reserve). Hosted customers of our Classic Products can contact Evanced Support to fix timeout issues.  This article does not pertain to our New Core Products (SignUp, Spaces, Dibs, & BrainHQ).


Our software relies on Session variables that are supposed to remain persistent as long as the user’s browser stays connected. If the web server looses a connection or a session timeout occurs then the user is required to log back into our system.

There are 3 possible explanations for session issues:

1) The IIS settings have the session state turned off or Session Timeout set low (default is 20 min):

2) One of the more likely culprits is some sort of anti-virus software running on the server that is watching memory and killing the session after X number of minutes.

3) A router and/or firewall is somehow changing connections causing the server to see a change therefore loosing session state and making the user log in again.

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