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Add Event-Registration Details Step

If you want to add registration to an event you've created, click on the registration arrow.

The drop down menu will give you three options:

None This event will not have registration (default)
Patron & Staff Registration will be enabled for the patron and staff sides.
Staff Only Patrons must speak to a staff member who will register them for the program. If you choose this option, you'll have the option of inserting instructional text that patrons will see on the public view.

If you choose registration to be enabled for the program, you will see a new menu of options.

This section controls when Registration opens and closes for the program.

Start Registration On Date Choosing this option opens registration at a specific time.
(box) Days Before Event Insert how many days before the event registration will open. This option is good for an even that you plan on copying often.  When this option is used with a recurring series, the system will calculate the registration start based on each individual event instance.
Starting Time What time of day should registration open?
End Registration On Date What date will registration close?
(box) Days Before Event Insert how many days before the event registration will close. This option is good for an event that you plan on copying often. This is an alternate option if you don't want to choose a start/end registration date.  When this option is used with a recurring series, the system will calculate the registration end based on each individual event instance. For example, if you have a recurring event every Thursday and you set the registration to End 1 Day Before Event. The registration date will end one day before each event within the series.  
Ending Time What time of day should registration close?

If you are running a recurring event, you will have to choose between an individual or shared attendance sheet. Please note that once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed once registration begins.

An individual attendance sheet creates a unique registration for EACH session in a recurring event. For example, if an event has 10 sessions, a registrant would have to sign up 10 times, each on the specific date, to be registered for all sessions.

A shared attendance sheet shares between all sessions. Signing up once, registers the patron for ALL sessions in the series.

Require Authentication If you have authentication enabled for your site, you can turn on/off authentication per event.
Registration Type Standard: This is for regular (non-appointment) events that require registration.
Appointment: This is for events that require a registrant to choose a time slot within the event.  More details on appointment events can be found here: Appointment Events
Max Attendees This is a required field. Put a limit on how many people can sign up.
Max In-House The number of spots on the main list to reserve for staff-side registrations. This value should be equal to or less than Max Attendees.
In-House Timeout The number of hours prior to the Ending Time of registration or the event's start time (whichever comes first) to release the remaining open In-House spots to the public. (Example: A event’s registration ends on June 20 at 5:00pm and you have set the In-House Timeout for "48" hours. The In-House spots would be released for both public- and staff-side registration on June 18 at 5:00pm.)
Use Waiting List Turn on a waiting list for the event. If you click Yes, then you have the option of having the Auto-Move turned on/off.  Auto-Move patrons from waiting list to main list when another patron cancels. 

How many people can be on the waiting list before registration completely closes?

Auto-Move Waiting List

Turn on/off the auto-move function for moving registrants from the wait list to main list when a registration is cancelled.  If an event has a "smart" question enabled or is set to the Appointment registration type, the auto-move waitlist function is disabled and registrants will need to be manually moved by staff.

Patron Self Cancel Can the registrants cancel their registration?
Group Registration Group Registration allows one patron record to represent multiple patrons.  This allows you to have a "short cut" for registering a large group, but still document the overall attendance numbers. You will not have individual contact information for each patron that registers under a group.

The largest number of registrants per group registration.

Email Information

Information that you would like added to the email confirmation sent to the patron when they register for the event.


Click "Add New Question" in the Questions section. Any questions you have previously entered for the location in which you are creating this event will be listed on the "Include Existing Question" tab. Click the "Add New Question" tab to create a new question. Select the type of question, enter the question text, and enter any applicable answers. By default, a patron can skip a question if they do not wish to answer it. If you want to ensure a patron answers a question before they submit a registration, check the "Response Required" box.  If you want more information on adding a stipulation question feel free to review the Adding Custom Questions article.  To learn more about "smart" registration questions visit the SignUp "Smart" Registration Questions Article

If you want certain stipulations edited or deleted, contact Demco Software Support.

Enter a staff email who will be notified when certain things take place:

  • patron registration
  • patron cancellation
  • staff registers a patron
  • staff cancels a patron's registration
  • main list is full
  • waiting list is full

There are also options available at the bottom of the page.

Until Quick Add is complete, most of these options will be greyed out until you enter information. Once you begin text entry, the options will become active, though some are not functional until you complete the page. If you attempt to save an unfinished event, the program will prompt you that your event is not finished.

Cancel Cancels all progress and returns you to the SignUp Admin home page
Preview Shows a preview of what the event will look like in a popup screen
Save Saves the progress you have made without publishing the event to the public calendar.
Save & New Saves the event and allows you to open a new Add Event page to begin a new event.
Publish Makes the event active and pushes it to the public and/or staff calendar.
Save As Unfinished This option appears if you attempt to save an event with problems or without mandatory fields completed. It allows you to save an unpublished, incomplete version of the event that blocks no rooms.
Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Staff Users
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  • Summary: Registration
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Comments (2) Comments
Comment by Todd on Thu, Jan 8th, 2015 at 6:03 PM
Adri-Thanks for commenting. This article is on our list for updating. The email info box is for information a library would like to include in the registration confirmation email for an event. It could be special instructions, such as please check in a the front desk or please bring this set of materials with you etc. Whatever you would like to convey to a patron that is on the main list. A patron that is on the waiting list will not see this in their email.
Comment by Adri on Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 at 11:03 AM
When you are on the registration page - and have selected staff and patron as an option. Under Registrants you have a large box which reads "Email Information " -- what is that box for? Thought this FAQ would mention that.
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