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Booking a Room For a Patron in Spaces

In Spaces, you can click the Reserve Space button on the initial page of the software after logging in as an admin level user to make a patron reservation.

There are two drop-down menus along the top. Locations allows you to filter by certain locations and spaces. 


Equipment allows you to filter spaces by what equipment they contain. This ensures patrons choose from spaces that have the options they need.


First, set the time slider to pick a time range.


Second, click the Date sub-tab to select the date on which you'd like to reserve.


(Optional) Third, click the Recurring sub-tab to create a recurring reservation.


Click the Search button.

A list of available spaces will appear below. Only rooms where a green bar is displayed are available for booking on the time and date selected. You can choose whether or not to hide unavailable spaces.

The maximum capacity of a room is marked by the number toward the right side of the room name. Click the See More link below the space image to reveal more details about the space.


The color codes on the space's time slider tell you about the space's availability.


-Dark Gray: The space is closed.

-Light Gray: The space is booked.

-Dark Pink: There is a conflict between the desired time and the space availability.

-Light Pink: The space is available for this time slot, but there is a conflict with the rest of the reservation.

-Green: The space can be booked.

-White: This time has not been selected.

Once you have found the correct time and date, click the Pick Me! button to continue creating the reservation.

Fill out the patron request form.


Currently, the fields to complete are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Purpose of the reservation
  • Organization


All fields except "Phone Number" are required with the following caveat:

  • "Email" is not required if the "Patron does not have an email address" checkbox is checked, but "Phone Number" then becomes required


If the patron is not affiliated with an organization, No Organization must be selected from the Organization drop-down list as Organization is a required field.


If the user already has an account, his or her name will appear in an auto-fill list as you type in any given field. Click on the name to associate the reservation with the existing user account.

Submitting the reservation will return you to the Reservation List screen.  The patron will also recieve an email confirmation of their reservation if an email address was entered for the patron.

Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Staff Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: Use the staff-side
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Comments (2) Comments
Comment by Todd on Thu, Jan 8th, 2015 at 5:58 PM
Ilan,Thanks for the heads up. This was an oversight and I have updated the article accordingly. The patron does receive a confirmation email.
Comment by Ilan Eyman on Wed, Jan 7th, 2015 at 3:01 PM
It seems that the person that you make the reservation for should get an e-mail confirmation. I don‘t see this confirmed in the documentation.
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