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Spaces Admin Dashboard and Main Menu

Upon logging into Spaces, you will arrive at the Spaces Admin Dashboard.

The menu bar is on the top left. 

  • Today's Activity - this is a full list of the day's Approved Spaces reservations in chronological order shown with the green bar.
  • News Feed - this is an auto-updated feed that will show all activity from Spaces with a green bar next to them. For example, a room request.
  • From Evanced - this box will have information from Evanced. For example, version history notes after an update or quick links to training materials.
  • Statistics - this area will show at a glance the number of Pending Spaces Requests, Pending Organizations (if turned on), Reservations today, Requests This Week with the green bar.

Spaces main menu:

  • Reserve Space - Reserve a space for a patron
  • Reservation List - Pending reservations (waiting for approval or denial), Active reservations already approved
  • Find Organizer - Pending patron/organization relationships, pending organizations, find organization, find patron
  • Run Report - Pre-built reports, create custom reports
  • Settings - security access for Spaces
Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Admin Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: An overview of the staff-side view in Spaces.
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