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Patron Account Creation By Staff in Spaces

In the Spaces software, a staff user can click the Find Organizer -> Find Patron buttons on the initial page of the software after logging in as an admin level user to create a patron account.


To begin, one will then want to click the Add Patron button on the right-hand side of the screen. 


One would then want to fill out the Add Patron form.


Currently, the fields present on the form are:

  • First and Last Name (entry required)
  • Email (entry required)
  • Phone Number (entry optional)
  • Library Card # (entry optional)
  • Primary Library (entry required)
  • Password (entry required)


After filling out the necessary fields, one should click the Save button at the bottom of the form.


The system will then give a confirmation that the patron was added successfully.

Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Staff Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: Use the Staff-Side of the System
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