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Customizing the Branding in SignUp

In SignUp, you can customize your calendar to match your library's existing site.

From the SignUp menu choose System Settings page, click on Branding.

Calendar Branding has three components:

Calendar Heading Insert a URL for a banner that appears on the upper part of your calendar. You can also set a target URL which directs patrons to a website when the banner is clicked.
Calendar Controls Edits the colors for the control bar, text, hightlight background colors, button color.
Calendar Content Edits the font and color of the text on the calendar.

Use the color boxes to the right of the hex code box to choose from the color wheel if the hex code is not available.
All changes are reflected on the sample calendar on the page so that you can see the effect of the changes you make.


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  • Summary: Customizing branding in SignUp
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