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Room Reserve 6.0 Quick Start Guide


Once Room Reserve is installed, the person(s) serving as your System Administrator will configure the system to meet your library’s needs. The following are some tips to get you up and running quickly.

Quick Configuration

1. Go to System Settings -+ System Configuration and Settings

Library Information: Select LIBRARY INFORMATION and enter all appropriate information. Refer to the Room Reserve manual and setup template at www.evancedsolutions.com/manuals.asp for more information.

Events with Room Reserve: You do not have to enter this information a second time, if it already exists in Events.

Room Reserve Only – Multi-Branch Library System: Multi-branch libraries without Events must enter this information separately for each library branch. After entering the first library ("Library: 0”) you need to go to SYSTEM SETTINGS, set "Enable Multi-Branch” to Yes and click Save. Click Back. From the new drop list in the upper right corner, click on "All Branches” and log in using the All Branches Admin password provided by Evanced Solutions. Then return to LIBRARY INFORMATION. Click the "Add Branch” option to set up a new branch in the system. Click on "Edit Master” to set up the overall library system title and link to the library’s home page on the web.

Security: Select SECURITY and change the default passwords for Administrative, General Staff, Read

Only, and Create Only.

Multi-Branch Library Notes: (1) All Branches mode and individual branch passwords are independent, therefore unique passwords should be created at both levels. (2) Passwords created in Room Reserve are independent of Events passwords.

Email Settings: Select EMAIL SETTINGS and enter all appropriate information (optional).

Multi-Branch Library Notes: (1) Email server settings are an All Branches mode function (System Configuration and Settings -+ Email Server Settings). (2) Confirmation/Status Change settings are branch level settings. (3) The system will not send any emails until you fully configure the email options.

2. Go to Settings -+ Branch Specific Lists
Fixture List, Equipment List and Location List: Configure each list with the desired list items. Refer to the Room Reserve manual and setup template for more information.

Multi-Branch Library Note: These branch specific lists must be configured separately for each library branch.

3. Go to Room Setup -+ Room Configuration
• Add and configure each room and location, as desired. Please refer to the Room Reserve manual for more information.

When Room Reserve Works with Events

When Room Reserve works with Events, internal events and programs should be entered into Events before outside meetings and groups are entered into Room Reserve.

This completes the initial setup that allows staff to enter room reservations. Systems Administrators and administrative staff may continue to configure the system as provided in more detail in the Room Reserve manual located online at www.evancedsolutions.com. Note: These configuration settings may be changed at any time.

While these settings are key to getting started quickly, additional settings located under Settings -+ System Configuration & Settings should be completed to take full advantage of Events’ capabilities and make it an integral part of your system, including:

• Style Configuration

System Messages

System Templates

Regional Settings

• System Settings

Group Type/Category List and Internal Classification List

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