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Creating a QR Code for Use With D!BS

Note: This workflow has been updated

Rooms in Dibs each have their own URL.Because of that, you can create custom QR codes that allow patrons to scan a barcode into their phone that will take them directly to the sign-up screen for that room. If you affix a QR code outside the room, a patron who scans it will automatically be taken to the page for that room, with the room selected and the time as 'now'. This allows for instant signup for patrons. They will also have the option to change the time if they wish.

Watch this video to get an example of a typical D!BS workflow with QR code.

With one scan of the QR image, a patron is ready to reserve the room they see.

Generating the QR codes is pretty simple. First, they are just URLs. So an example would be: http://samplelibrary.evanced.info/dibs/?space=2

(NOTE: the old URL path was http://samplelibrary.evanced.info/dibs/?room=2 - this will work if you had already started using QR code links before July 2014, if not than this is no longer valid)

Room ID number are accessible when logging into the staff side of the site using the Super Admin login, and navigating to the Location Setup area.  The room ID numbers are listed to the left of each room name.

You can also determine the room number by checking http://samplelibrary.evanced.info/dibsapi/rooms


There are many websites that help create QR codes for free. A site we recommend is http://goqr.me/. You can download or print the QR code directly from their site. To configure a new QR code:


1. Go to http://goqr.me/

2. Select the URL tab.

3. Enter your URL for the room you want to generate a code for (i.e. http://library.evanced.info/dibs/?room=2 ). Simply change the final digit to create URLs for additional rooms.

4. Download the PNG image and use it in any document program to format and print.


Post the QR code outside the room in question. Patrons can scan the code and sign-up quickly for the room.
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Comments (2) Comments
Comment by Nate Dunlevy on Tue, Feb 5th, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Each of your rooms should have a room number.You can set up URLs for all the rooms by taking the following string and changing the last digit. Each number will correspond with a room.http://unh.evanced.info/dibs/?room=2
Comment by Peter on Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 at 1:46 PM
Where do I find the URL‘s for each of my rooms?
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