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Events/Room Reserve Version 7 History

Version 7.00
This major version release occurred in July of 2010.
Requirements for updating to this release are:
MySQL 5.0.67 (upgrade as necessary)MyODBC 3.51.27Events/Room Reserve version 5.xx
VERSION 7.00 (Initial Release)
•Added the time of the reservation to the staff notification email•Added a direct link to the reservation request in the staff notification email•Added Deposit, Fee and Food selection to full list in Room Schedule Report•Added (P) to private event types in reports•Added capability for email addresses to contain unusual characters (for example, ')•Added BCC option for staff emails•Fix message for canceling a recurring series. All dates were not listed.•Fix System Setting - Reservation Limits to not allow "0 in 0"•Fix underlined events for staff only registration•Added ^CONTACTNAME^, ^CONTACTEMAIL^ and ^CONTACTPHONE^ tags to Events/PR report template•Added Age Group to Event Detail page•Fix transition error from list to calendar view with date range selected•Changed max size of location item name from 50 to 100 characters•Changed wording on some help items to be more clear•When clicking on room schedule button, it now shows the schedule of the day selected for the event instead of the current day•A conflicted room selection doesn’t clear itself, even if remove was selected from the resolve conflict window•Fix current day defaulting to yesterday when search tab is the default on room request page•Fix to save PR information on the event record; even if its box gets unchecked•Added SMTP port and enabling SSL to the email settings area•Adding EVENTSDELETEBUTTONLEVEL = 3 to defines•Increased max characters limit for "Reservation Purpose” to 1000 characters•Added capability to use Order Weight to determine the display order of available equipment on the request form•Turned off changing passwords from settings area (for simple logins), when advanced log on is enabled•Added confirmation emails to email log•Audit field updated when creating a reservation•Hitting the back button from the Display Personal Schedule screen now takes the patron back to the calendar they were last browsing•Fixed patron display status for an event that has in house spots = max number of attendees•Fixed problem where ongoing events allowed a blank entry in the end date•Fixed room usage report now limits to 12 months of data•Added defines setting to hide language selection drop list (HIDELANGSELECT)
•Changed the way EventsXML handles private/non-private event types so that it doesn't exclude "NONE" events. (common/eventsxml.inc)•Changed all the System config "maint" pages to match in password verification methods, so that they can't be edited by inserting the URL and not logging in correctly.•Changed the way dates were setup to optimize code (only setting them in 1 spot) and fixed a problem where date would be different between the 2 reports. (roomschedules.asp)•Added the ability to structure costing to ignore the changeover from Standard pricing into Extended, or Vice Versa.•ROOMSUSESTARTTIMECOSTS = 1 Enables this•Set to 0 by default, works as it always has. When this is set to 1, a reservation that is going from 1 time to another ignores the new time costing and sticks with the original costing model for the extent of the reservation.•Changed the way the locationlist maint page handles editing and deleteing when it is opened in a popup from rooms - functionality has been limited to only allowing name additions when it's in popup form (dbmaintsub.inc)•Setup Auto Archive to always pull lib 0 values when checkong number of days to go back to archive (dbmaintsub.inc)•fix for multiple dates displaying on a single date request (was pulling in rcid=0 dates on the display). (requestcancel.asp)•TimeAdjust handles date or times, so you don't get the instance of displaying XX/XX/1899 when you convrt over to the next day. (timeadjust.inc)•Fixed Logic that wasn't pulling in the Single Event ID over the Shared Attendance Link ID when it was calculating event dates on shared attendance. (getsignupstatus.inc)•Fix for calendar header title getting stuck when setting pagetitle or switching between multipe and single branch searches(eventcalendar.asp)•Fix for address entry page not setting the right formaction (var wasn't getting set) (eventsignup.asp)•Added GRAND_TOTAL_LANG for events to the erv7upgrade, for some systems it was missing.(erv7upgrade.asp)•Changed value that "payment" variable was passing with credit cards, both options pass No with "check" getting put on payment waiting list and "credit" getting put on main once the payment goes through. (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added totalfeeamount hidden tag on address entry page. (eventsignupdb.inc)•Changed title from Costing Reports to Credit Card reports, as they don't include ALL costing, just credit card information. (navigation.inc, reports.inc)•Moved the call location of SaveEventRegistrationCosts on RCID <> 0 so that it was specifically set for each Event ID beyond the original (dbmaintsub.inc)•Updated the Attendance to show cost amount with reservations (erv6upgrade.asp, eventsignupdb.inc)•Excel output updated to allow for costing with registration (eventsignupdb.inc)•EventsXML setup with limiter for # of results coming back, with hooks put in for paging as well (eventsxml.inc)•&limit=XXX - Returns XXX # of entries•&startcount=YYY - Starts @ # YYY in the query (this is a paging hook)
•Set the default factory settings for styles to the new "claudia 2.0" style.•Changed language on event registration costs page (eventcostmaint.asp)•Added Newstr to Event Type on Temp Table Population (reports.inc)•When bulk archiving a set of reservations that are set to appear on the events calendar, events won't be left on the calendar under some circumstances now (pubarchrange.asp)•Added Transaction Type (pre auth, capture, sale) and Reservation Date to the CC report. (reports.inc)•Set lib 999 & lib 0 Session variables to blank out when logging out of a single branch system with advanced login enabled (maintenance.asp, roommaintenance.asp)•Disabled main library login level from the mlibadmin account (usersmaint.asp)•Set roomreserve roominfo column to max 1000 (erv7upgrade.asp)•Set Room Schedule Report "Date" column default selections to the old (v6) standard report columns instead of detailed report columns, to match "room" column defaults (erv7upgrade.asp)
•Fix for javascript error when the org name has an apostrophe (roommaint.inc)•Reset Events attendees entered to allow Null (erv7upgrade.asp)•Put in changes to check for Null before casting attendance data to a type, and converted code to save as a null instead of setting to zero (dbmaintsub.inc, eventsignupdb.inc, eventstats.asp, roomstats.asp)•Fix for specialemailinfo tag not getting picked up in transfer emails (eventtransfer.asp)•Setup default Temp table Type to be MYISAM (systemcfg.inc, roomrequest.inc, eventsxml.inc, dbmaintsub.inc, roommaint.inc, eventspr.inc, reports.inc)•Reworked events CheckMaxReached method to check if max has been reached as well as check if you are no longer at max. This was a problem when payment was enabled and you reached the max, the MaxReached setting wasn't getting adjusted (eventsignupdb.inc).•Reworked the way waiting list signups were handled when payment was enabled on an event so that you (eventsignupdb.inc)•Fixed a maintenance.asp report link that would send you to detailed reports when you wanted to view a saved PR Report. (maintenance.asp)•Added error handling for sponsorlist table not found issues on the event creation page (dbmaintsub.inc)•Added default MYISAM to the rest of the rooms temp tables (roomrequest.inc)•Revistsed the rooms search recurring edit dates function, where under certain circumstances a series of dates would get replaced with only the last one in saving. The change reservation pop-up has been reworked to not allow this. (roomrequest.asp, roomrequest.inc)•Changed the way recurring emails and system messages are grouped, allowing you to set only a small amount of the message to be duplicated for multiple dates (roomrequestmessages.inc)•Added Tags to the rooms system templates (erv7upgrade.asp)•^STARTREPEAT^ & ^ENDREPEAT^ Break out the section that gets duplicated. Room Reserve-Email template tag REPEAT•Updated roomsched report to eliminate a problem with single quotes in categories (reports.inc)
•Changed All Branches cc report title (navigation.inc)•Events Payment changed to allow payment for waiting list access. You now have (ccProcessing.asp, eventsignupdb.inc, eventsignup.asp)•Main List - Paid & Registered for a registration slot in the event•Waiting List - Paid But waiting for a registration slot in the event•Payment Waiting List - Not Paid. When Payment is recieved they will move to the main list if there is room, or the waiting list if it is full.•Added Lang files: (erv7upgrade.asp)•CONTINUE_WAITING_LIST_PAYMENT_LANG = "Continue to Waiting List Payment Options" - shows up on the payment button if you are paying to get put onto the waitlist•WAITING_LIST_CC_PAYMENT_SCREEN_LANG = "You are making a payment to get onto the waiting list. This does not mean you are fully registered for the event."•Added Several CC Report Columns for Events, so tracking signup can be easier (reports.inc)•Added newstr wrapper on temp table data population (reports.inc)
VERSION 7.05•Fixed Left string error for III when user name is only a single term [no first name] (patronauth.inc)•Fix for old CC info replace when there is a null value (roomrequestmessages.inc)•Fix for situation where javascript would set a form action to submit, then you would go back and select another room the formaction wouldn't get rest and it would submit you instead of select a new room. (roomrequest.asp)•Configured multiple pages to load the correct advanced costing levels based on the library of the reservation, not the library you are logged in to.(roomresform.asp, roomreview.asp)•Changed the way the deposit and fee amount are pulled in on the room confirmation link from the staff side, and the way the cost table pulls in stored costs, so that it properly reflects what was charged and the original confirmation message. (roomrequestmessages.inc, roomconfirmationpage.asp)•Changed "Extended Cost" column header on the cost table to "Total" to properly reflect what the column was doing, which was displaying the total cost after with quantity applied (roomrequestmessages.inc)•Fixed the string where equipment cost was getting pulled in on the View page to point to roomreserveid vs. reserveid (roomrequest.inc)•Changed the way the attendance sheet Excel export was verifying payment methods so it wouldn't think in house payment was credit card and vice versa (eventsignupdb.inc)•Fixed Room Schedule Report where, when sorting by rooms, it would not adhere to the date search range you set. (reports.inc)•Changed the way that Rooms publishes Events to the calendar to eliminate the chances of duplication. (roomrequest.inc)
•Added onsubmit: return false; to the reservation contact entry page so that it doesn't get submitted by chrome & safari's autosubmit keybindings [Enter in those browsers automatically submits a form] (roomrequest.inc)•Added a check when editing a recurring reservation's single entity that it only changes that one reservation, and doesn't link it to the RCID [all occurences] (roomrequest.inc)•Changed the table that ccauth was getting pulled from to reflect the fact that the transaction table now stores dates and authcodes (roomcommon.inc, roommainte.inc)•Updated the default events payment method to reflect a difference between payment waiting list and actual waiting list. (eventregmessages.inc)•Fix for card number getting converted to exponential in Attendance sheet excel output (eventsignupdb.inc)•Fix that eliminates double quotes in event types. (dbmaintsub.inc, eventtypemaintlist.asp)•Bugfix where recurflag was checking a str vs. int, type mismatch, changed int to a string (roomrequest.inc)•Change to the way costs were being handled on a recurring reservation with different hours or missing a date in the series. Individual time lengths now used to calculate a total. (roomcommon.inc)•Room listing on Patron Reservation Lookup heading changed to Room/Equipment (allroomequipmentview.asp, roomrequest.inc)•Fix for systems with specialemailinfo enabled but nothing in the field, doesn't error when it tries to validate a null now (eventnotify.asp)•Instructor terminology changed to Presenter in the report column listsing to reflect the change in that terminology in the software. (erv7upgrade.asp)•MaxReached validated before automoves happen from the waitlist now - so if you're over max number, moving a patron off the main list doesn't trigger the automove function now. (eventsignupdb.inc)•RCID set to 0 when Room tags replacement is called from the eventnotification functions - this stops the notify from including all related reservations (eventnotify.asp)•Image check handles links with URL parameters in them now (dbmaintsub.inc, imagecheck.asp)•Branch set to show up on all multibranch rooms contact entry pages (roomrequest.inc)•Query to pull in library names changed from using EventNumBranches to a hardcoded 255, in case the library numbers are higher than the total # of branches. (dbsub.inc)•Staff Room Reserve Notification emails which were recieving a text http: address have been switched over to a link. (roomreqestmessages.inc)•Checkbox added to the patron reservation lookup to hide the archived reservations when individual patron's history is looked up. Sort order has been set to show active on top. (roomrequest.inc)•Host file blanked out to stop overwriting the daylight savings settings [arizona, international customers] (hosted.inc)•Bugfix to stop private=2 from failing to find events when specific event types were passed along with it (eventsxml.inc)•Clearing the Audit log on the copy process now happens before the audit information for the copy gets put in, so the first entry is the initials and date of when the date got copied instead of being blank. (dbmaintsub.inc)•Signupoffset and event start date check changed from hitting date and time seperately to combining them and comparing them. (eventsignupdb.inc)•MaxReached is now called after patron moves have been made to eliminate waiting list status when main list spots are opened up this way. (attendance.asp, eventsignup.asp)
•Change to fix 1 day showing on instances of the rooms full list schedule report (reports.inc)•fix for classification type not showing up on the room schedules report (reports.inc)•change for CC Reports that properly aligns column/title placement in Excel (reports.inc)•fix for CC reports issue with "today" and "CC Process date" so they work in correlation again (reports.inc)•fix for rooms CC Captures not saving "rooms" type, so both auth and capture show up on the rooms side of the report now (ccProcessing.asp)•Newstr function added to more text field entries to eliminate character issues (roomrequest.inc)•HIDEPATRONROOMSTATUS added to defines to allow control over whether "pending" or "payment pending" displays to the patron side (roomrequest.inc)•HIDEPATRONROOMSTATUS = 1 enables this option for patron side.•waitcount check was added back to the CheckMaxCount function, where it was previously removed. Now when spots are opened up but there are people on the waitlist, MaxCount won't get set to 0 (which opens registration) until the waitlist has been cleared. (eventsignupdb.inc)•Patron Cancellation checking has been added to cancel attendee function. Before it was relying on not linking a patron in their email, but if they had the URL they could still process a cancellation. Now you have to be logged in to cancel if patron cancellation is restricted. (eventsignupdb.inc, regcancel.asp)•Ongoing date range has been fixed to not include the first day of the next month on the Events PR Report (eventspr.inc)•Response Flushing has been added to the Events PR report, because with the addition of extra data being available the report could get sunstantially bigger and Buffer Overflow was happening. (eventspr.inc)•Archive Level has been added to the function that pulls the "other dates" part of a combined recurring series in list view. Selecting No Archived will now not bring in archived dates, as Only archived will only bring in archived dates (eventspr.inc)•USERLEVELDELETEREPORTS added to defines to allow enabling the delete option next to reports on the maintenance pages when logged in at User Level (maintenance.asp, roommaintenance.asp)•USERLEVELDELETEREPORTS = 1 enables this option.•System Wide Event attendance (999) taken out of the event statistics report for single branch reports. (eventstats.asp)•CANCEL_REG_PATRON_DISABLED was added (erv7upgrade.asp)•cc_transaction table creation was updated to reflect "alter" statements that had been added (erv7upgrade.asp)
•Test mode code added to configure processing for cctest.asp (ccProcessing.asp)•Last Name javascript check only done if Last Name is required on authentication (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added archive level requirements to equipment on the rooms list. (roomrequest.inc, roommaint.inc)•Last Name field validation was removed from the patron self cancel page when it was not required (eventsignupdb.inc)•Equipment Inventory transition function sets the note fields to variables before NewStr, and checks for existing column alterations before it creates a new one - able to resume better (equipmentinventorymaint.inc)•Added erv7upgrade query to change RoomArchiveValue from tinyint to int to allow for bigger numbers to be saved there. (erv7upgrade.asp)•Added code to handle multiple setups on the patronschedule page, and fix problems where phone/cardnumber were not being checked appropriately. (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added a method to the detailed report to display the Optional Statistical Input information for the title header, and handled multiple library searches [as the questions are library specific]. (eventspr.inc)•Department Calendar settings have been worked around so if they don't exist then they won't cause problems on new installs switching on multi branch enable (systemcfg.inc)•Fixed a mispelling for tomorrow on the reports (eventspr.inc, reports.inc)•Fixed a spot where the equipment string was not getting overwritten and duplicate equipment was showing up on the full schedule report.(reports.inc)•Removed the recurring dates column option from the detailed events PR report because combining recurring events isn't available here. (eventspr.inc)•Added functionality for remember me to work again with basic login (maintenance.asp, roommaintenance.asp, pwlogin.asp)•Set a hidden variable so that if you save the advanced login multi-admin password with only 1 branch active, and then later change your system to multi branch, the mlibadmin login follows suit. (usersmaint.asp)•Modified the Event Title column to match Organization column specifications, Where MySQL3 would truncate an entry MySQL5 throws an error so we needed these to match values (erv7upgrade.asp)•Pin value was being forced to upper case for all auth types which was causing problem with SIP authentication•Fixed a reference to a database value that was coming up null in MySQL5 (eventsignupdb.inc)•Set a default value for libnum & eventsystemmessages when this value didn't get set on single branch systems (eventsignupdb.inc)•Modified event save:•Update only card number and only if card number was entered and not changed (removed saving address info)•Added First, Last, and Phone update if not blank and changed and EVENTLOCKDOWN=1 and always requires library card authenticaiton option is enabled•This allows for the ILS system to be the master control of the patron information•Fixed an issue with zip code parsing for Patron API and custom API•Added alphabetical sort to report listsings on the maintenance pages (roommaintenance.asp, maintenance.asp)•Added logic to the recurring reservation javascript date pop-up to calculate reservation range based on day/month selection (roomrequest.asp)•Single Branch Systems Print List template was saving lib 0 and displaying lib 999, changed to work off of 999 only like multi-branch (emailtemplate.asp)•Added text to make the report numbers easier to decipher (roomusage.asp)•Added new indexes on queries that were running slow (erv7upgrade.asp)•Fixed a typo that appearred on the event email template (erv7upgrade.asp)•Added another layer to exml report that bypasses adding information for reservations when roominfo=1 instead of just erroring out. (eventsxml.inc)•Fixed an issue with ongoing dates on the XML feed that were not fitting the selected range (eventsxml.inc)•Added maxlength to librarylistname (dbmaintsub.inc)•Added newstr wrapper to the sponsorlink field (dbmaintsub.inc)•Added URL Encoding to the field (dbmaintsub.inc)•Enabled Group reg for Events with payment required and the system does not have credit cards enabled (eventsignupdb.inc)
•Fix for Customs Question answers showing up out of sync with the table columns on room schedule report in date/room mode. (reports.inc) •Newstr wrapper added to anything that could have non integer values in a section of the room scedule report full list mode (reports.inc)•Set cardnumlength variable to the right value when length isn't specified so that it would pass javascript validation on the save (roomrequest.inc)•stripped eventsxml.asp variables from the CDATA link we create on default when nothing is passed in viz "rsslink". It was adding eventsxml values to pass to eventcalendar, and when not causing a problem it would simply be non-functional (eventsxml.inc)•set "all" value on eventcalendar to work without case sensitivity (eventcalendar.asp, eventcalendarshow.asp)•Added CSV export option on attendance (attendace.asp, eventsignupdb.inc)•Rooms vs. Events usage changed to only display 12 months instead of a 13 month cycle, like the other usage reports (reports.inc)•Added validation to add/edit date range search when combine recurring was not selected and show ongoing was selected to check that a date < the end date entered was also not equal to 0000-00-00 - this stops ongoing events that were out of range from showing up (dbmaintsub.inc)•Javascript validation was subtracting a month from what it needed to be when you were searching on recurring and res. range was set to months (roomrequest.asp)•Logic added to disable checkboxes on roomrequest when you are viewing a date that is out of reservation range (roomrequest.inc)•Rooms - pagetitle and windowtitle set up to pass amongst pages (roomrequest.asp)•Added a defines switch which lets Organization name show up on the staff side of room request when you are looking at independently bookable equipment (roomrequest.inc)•SHOWEQUIPMENTORGANIZATION = 1 Turns this on - not having it defined works as normal, and shows "RESERVED" in it's place •Phone Extension is saved as a part of a room contact entry, however when the reservation limit was being checked extension was left out, causing there to be no entries and allow a reservation when it should be restricted. Thgis has been changed (roomrequest.inc)•Typo on get Coordinates javascript where state & State where hitting different objects (dbmaintsub.inc, getcoordinates.asp)•Changed javascript creation for events PR report popup so that it doesn't hog focus after the initial pop (eventspr.inc)•Fixed an issue with locations not getting found (eventspr.inc)•Reworked the Ongoing date check to use the same process that eventcalendar uses, so that dates don't get left out (eventspr.inc)•created table for localsystem message info (erv7upgrade.asp)•Holiday (lib=999) Events were not finding digg switches in the database, and erroring out - this has been fixed to work the same way system wide events have (calutils.inc)
•Added a switch to disable the ability of the "private" URL switch for EventsXML. (eventsxml.inc)•Adding DISABLEPRIVATEXMLFEED = 1 Turns this on.•Reworked that switch to still work but just not show private events. (eventsxml.inc)•Changed the way timeadjust was being called, now the date-time string is passed instead of just the time string (eventsignupdb.inc)•Changed javascript location.href lines on Home Buttons to point to the top page, for when the site is inside frames it would only redirect to the frame instead of the top level (eventcalendar.asp, eventcalendarshow.asp, roomreqest.inc, patronauth.inc)•Changed the location of the specialemilinfoflag lookup (dbmaintsub.inc)•Changed a line in the resume function of enabling equipment inventory that checks if the process has been started and then resumes, it was getting hung up if ran a second time when trying to create the column that tracks progress (equipmentinventorymaint.inc)•Changed Events costing to save recurring costs with shared attendance with each event ID instead of the AttendanceLinkId (dbmaintsub.inc)•EventType conversion script was not working correctly after we switched the DSN declarations to Connection String, now it is setup to work correctly again (eventtypeconversion.asp)•Location List Maintenance page changed to evaluate Unique Names by Branch instead of system wide - This was implemented in early v6, and has been rolled back to allow this function again. (locationlistmaint.asp)•Added "locations" as an optional dm= (Display Mode) for both the raw list and the HTML checkbox list.•Override Room Hours Option has been commented out until the ability to override room hours is implemented. (roommaint.inc)•(Recurring) tag added to dates that are cancelled that are part of a bigger series (recurring shared attendance) when the date is displayed (regcancel.asp)•Back button added to the page that pops up when you don't enter address information (eventsignupdb.inc)•CCProcessing file updated to work with the cc testing page. (ccprocessing.asp)•fixed an issue with registration start dates displaying with the time included, when it should've just been the date (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added newstr wrapper in PR Report's joining of room reservations to the report at every instance that user inserted data is entered into a temp table to avoid quote issues (eventspr.inc)•Custom Stipulation Notes requirement (in I.E. only) removed (stipedit.asp)•Updated CC Processing Pathing added to the erv7upgrade.asp•Event Signup and Roomreserve.asp have been configured to force SSL connections if CC Processing is enabled (forcessl.inc, roomrequest.asp, eventsignupdb.inc)•Bypass this (Testing ONLY) with DISABLESSL = 1•Changed how eventlist was joined into the print list query, when evettype = 'NONE' the section that was checking private status didn't find none, so it wouldn't join it into the print view. (eventspr.inc)•Added config links to the CCtest.asp page. (configsystem.asp, systemcfg.inc)•Added logic and code to handle tests from the cctesting page. (ccprocessing.asp)•Status change emails for recurring reservations that weren't getting triggered from the Main (attendancelinkid) event were only updating the single date instead of series of dates in the email, this has been changed to work no matter where they were triggered from (eventsignupdb.inc)•Set timeout to 20 minutes to help out slow server connections or problems with emails timing out before they all got sent (notify.asp)•Set the page up to work from either events or rooms, and pull in data from the specific branch you're at when you click on the test link (cctest.asp)
•Changed Age Groups to look specifically for Age Groups when it tries to delete them from the system. This had been previously implemented in Event Types. (systemcfg.inc)•Form Validation added to eliminate the ability to edit an event type then save it as blank (eventlistmaint.asp)•Fixed a bug that has been savng eventtypes incorrectly when a reservation on the calendar is edited. (roomrequest.inc)•CC Processing now handles ACH Direct payments (CCProcessing.asp, roommaint.asp, erv7upgrade.asp)•Eventsignup page where Registration Ends now checks to see if registration is enabled & the date is set before it displays it on the page (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added a status qualification to the eventnotify room reminder that doesn't send an email to reservations in pending (eventnotify.asp)•change to the # of years displayed on the archive range dropdown lists (pubarchrange)•Added Publish and UnPublish option in calendar search window for attendance calendar.•Added res. status to the roomconfirmation.asp page that is pulled up from the staff side (roomconfirmationpage.asp).•Added System Messages XML Feed to the login page (getmessages.inc, getmessages.asp, pwlogin)•Set the SHOW URL code generation to properly assign commas and spaces when removing private event types for public links. Was Adding a blank entry if the first eventtype of a list was private and caused the links to not display correctly. (eventcalendar.asp)•removed a line that was not allowing "EVENTSDELETEBUTTON" defines variable to properly work (dbmaintsub.inc)•Set the function to get reservation status for the message upon an edit to properly take into account whether the previous status was being upgraded (accepted) or whether it was staying the same. (roomrequest.inc)•Defines switches added to allow dropdown date's year to be manually configured. Some poeple want to save events from pre 2008 and some libraries book past 2014 (datelib.asp)•DROPDOWNYEARBEGIN = numeral only, do not use quotes•DROPDOWNYEAREND = numeral only, do not use quotes•Changed the eventspr.inc date dropdown to use the month selected instead of the current month when populating the days field. (eventspr.inc)•Setup Library Hour inheritance to apply to equipment as well as rooms. (dbmaintsub.inc)•Fixed the URLs created from the "Show URL" button on the event calendar in the case of a staff and public links not getting setup correctly. (eventcalendar.asp)•Reverted back to not saving rooms "notes" as other info in an event, when a reservation is published ot the calendar. (roomrequest.inc)•Section of default factory config that was not working properly with some older department calendar code has been changed to verify if there are multiple department calendars and if not use the default before proceeding and erroring out (systemcfgsub.inc, erv7upgrade.asp)•Added section to send more event registration information to cc.evanced.info for ACH payment gateway reciept generation (ccprocessing.asp)•removed the line where otherinfo was getting passed to the notes field upon event creation, reset events that were rooms to otherinfo = "" (roomrequest.inc, erv7upgrade.asp)•Event Decription info that was generated for the add/edit page is now setup to properly remove HTML when it is displayed, instead of getting cut off (dbmaintsub.inc)•Internal Notes were added as a selectable column for reporting (eventspr.inc, erv7upgrade.asp)•Server side email validation was setup for "email a friend" so that it had to at least be a validly formatted email address (emailevent.asp)•Changes costing class for event to "price for event"•Added a switch to allow for staff to mark an event registration as paid for upon signup (eventsignup.asp, eventsignupdb.inc)•Added logic on event edit to use the library an event is created for instead of where you're logged when you click on the edit button off the event calendar (dbmaintsub.inc)•Added "target URL" logic, changed timeouts to 5 Seconds instead of infinite when a XMLGET couldn't resolve (getmessages.inc)•Added logic to display the Home link instead of javascript close link when a page isn't opened via javascript (requestcancel.inc, regcancel.inc)
•Fixed the CC page where waiting list payment message would show up even if you were registering for the main list (ccprocessing.asp)•Added REQUIRES_PAYMENT_LANG to erv7upgrade.asp (eventsignupdb.inc, erv7upgrade.asp)•Fixed sections that were replacing ^PAYMENTINFO^ to properly check that CC processing was enabled on that branch and then use the appropriatte cash/cc message on system templates and email (systemcfg.inc, eventsignupdb.inc)•Added a line to javascript validation that notifies the user if they select a shorter time range than reservation length.•Added Date as a secondary sort to room reports when a non date sort by was selected [making it easier to read large timespans] (reports.inc)•Added logic to check non-inventory equipment booked for events (roomrequest.inc)•Added organization to the default internal email template (roomrequestmessages.inc)•added a line to ensure that ^SIGNUPSTARTTIME^ had the correct value when it gets replaced on the eventsignup page. (eventsignupdb.inc) •Include Archive wasn't updating it's value when loaded from a saved report. (roomschedules.asp, reports.inc)•response.flush added to the calendar in the event that there are enough events to overflow the buffer.(eventcalendarshow.asp)•Moved the section where specialemailinfo gets processed up, so that regular tags can be added to the message (eventsignupdb.inc)•added a default of 25 to server port value (emailsettings.asp)•Patron Room cancel was restricted to only reservations which haven't yet occured - can't cancel reservations in the past (roommaint.inc, requestcancel.asp, erv7upgrade.asp)•If Additional dates is greyed out in event edits, then the javascript funcitons which are associatted with adding and removing dates are also restricted. (dbmaintsub.inc)•Costs displayed for CC charges on the attendance sheet are now pulled from cc_transactions (eventsignupdb.inc)•Check Max Reached is now ran after automove happens (eventsignupdb.inc)•Residency Checking now added for sirsi sip server. Only Polaris seems to work, and PTypes have to be associatted (eventsignupdb.inc)•Turn on with - EVENTSRESIDENCYCHECKFORSIRSI = 1•pagetitle/windowtitle hidden variable now wrapped in quotes so html can be passed between them (roomrequest.asp)•Added logic for saved reports pulling up events with 'NONE' as the eventtype (eventspr.inc)•fixed an issue where cancelling patrons was opening up the main list for registration when there were still people on the wait list. (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added "locations" as an optional dm= (Display Mode) for both the raw list and the HTML checkbox list (7.10) and Added LocationBranchNums as an addtional output.•This was added for Firesign/Anode and their customers will require this version.•Set RoomReserve email links to use SSL connections based on how the connection from the page they were sent from (roomrequestmessages.inc)•Removed department calendar validations when the add/edit page was trying to pull in library names [resulted in defaulting to Lib 0 - Dept 0 instead of lib name] (dbmaintsub.inc)•Added Notes to patron signup when set by the switch, also enabled group registration for events without payment even in cc enabled systems, redefined where cost was getting pulled from when displayed on the attendace sheet and CC was used (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added Rooms keyword searchability [keys off org & purpose], Fixed invalid type error when including contact information on a PR report and rooms are included (eventspr.inc)•Added a defines variable to stop a user logged into a single branch from seeing other branch reservations.•FORCEBRANCHLOGINTOVIEW = 1•Fixed a fairly major bug related to automove and max waiting list that skipped people from the waitlist under certain conditions (eventsignupdb.inc)•Added another variable for finding what room you are working with when making a reservation, so that the right libraryid can be found and brought in for system settings. (roomresform.asp)•Made a change for Columbus with case on a DB table•BCC value was being set to "" when the library didn't have Individual Branch email settings setup, but compared to an Int and throwing an Error. Fixed (roommaint.inc, eventsignupdb.inc)•Added logic to make the scroll/no scroll button work on room reserve Staff Page (roommaint.inc)•Made CC Submit button disable itself to eliminate the want to click it again if it's taking a while to process. (ccprocessing.asp)•Added DateEntered to the list of things events saves when it's saving bookable equipment. (dbmaintsub.inc)•fixed issues with credit cards not capturing from cloud. (ccprocessing.asp)
•Created autoarchive.bat - a batch file we can setup in task scheduler to run daily and trigger the autoarchive function on each branch•Added referring URL to the CC Acceptance. (ccprocessing.asp)•LOCKWAITLISTOFF variable fixed to work with waitlist slots, still shuts out patrons from overriding a spot by opening the browser and then the event filles up.•LOCKWAITLISTOFF = 1•Added URL encoding to User Name and Password values when passed in the URL for authentication (LDAP allows passwords with all types of characters - & and + are the biggest offenders in URLs) (patronauth.inc and roomrequest.inc)•Runs double then round conversions on the cost value we send to ccprocessing, to handle the odd case of it extending to mroe than 2 decimal places (ccprocessing.asp)' 7/21 - Facebook Like added to the Event Registration page. (eventsignupdb.inc, facebook_meta.inc, defines.inc)           DISABLEEVENTSFACBOOKLIKE = 1 Turns this off VERSION 7.15
•Added the ability to turn off state inputs (For New Zealand)-DISABLESTATEENTRY = 1 Turns this On•Option to disable email a friend- DISABLEEMAILAFRIEND = 1•Attendance and individual event types were coming back skewed on the detailed events report. This has been fixed. (eventspr.inc)•Fixed error on room schedule report when "Book 2 Movie Discussion Group- "The Postman Always Rings Twice," by James Cain, 1949 version" (with double quotation marks) is used.•Fixed error on patron look up when All Patrons is selected and record count exceeds 32768 (changed type to CLng)•Added link to Credit Card Report in reports area in RR and EV (Was only showing up in drop down menu)•Fixed problem with Custom Questions in RR not saving when credit cards are turned on (answers to custom questions were not obtained and passed on from the ccprocessing page)[CASE16454]•Fixed issue with Javascript window error because of HTTPS vs HTTP when credit cards are turned on, user edits/copies reservation/request, and used the Change Reservation button to modify the time selection.[CASE16629]•Forced roomresform.asp to switch to HTTPS if credit cards enabled (same as roomrequest.asp)•Added Security link (same as User Logins link on main maintenance page) to on All Branches level System Configuration and Settings left menu in order to stay consistent with password level security links. This will provide a Security link when user name login is selected.•Changed credit card cost report to open in new window when submitting from searching filter page, allowing the user to maintain their search.•Changed some of the CInt types to CLng for Room Usage report after finding a problem on Plano site (reports.inc lines 3678 - 3689)•Added 2 new fields to RR Credit Card report (Status and Last Updated)•update for events xml, when roominfo = 1 is included, the time qualifier is excluded from the main where clause, resulting in any status reservation showing up. This has been fixed.
•Added section to LoadConfigSystem in systemcfgcub.inc to pull certain All Branch settings and load them into a newly created branch.•The problem was the some of those settings are accessed at the all branches level but were not following the rest of the branches when a new branch was added after the values were set.•Fixed problem in dbmaintsub.inc with Archiving recurring events that had a double quote in the event title.•Set all PW to factory password, added update statement for changing PW in login_specificuser for evanced user, and moved version update and login factory password update statements to array area instead of at the end.•Fixed issue in RR with very long template messages getting cut off in certain situations. I modified UpdateTagSection in roomrequrestmessages.inc to remove the fixed value of 1000 and replace it with Len(ModifyStr)•Applied a patch to force SSL on every branch if credit cards are turned on for one.•Added Response.Flush and loop counter to ShowPatronSchedule function in eventsignupdb.inc•Modified query in eventsignupdb.inc to prevent hanging when attempting to get NonCancelCnt for ShowPatronSchedule•Added "TimeAdjust()" to various report functions to account for time zone settings when display default date selections.•Added "TimeAdjust()" to default date and time on roomrequest.asp page•Fixed Calendar display with Date Range (dr) option for reports and Print option on calendar (eventspr.inc)•Added UseSSL=True for Patron API access that uses HTTPS (patronauth.inc)•Fixed spelling error - guardian (eventsignupdb.inc)•Change to exclude Private branch location values in searchparts.asp•Fixed error message display when event type is added with a command followed by a space.•Added table of dates from Jan to Dec at the end of the regionalsettings.asp page for verifying that the timezones are calculated correctly.•Fixed the timeadjust.inc functions to correctly calculate the timezones•Removed timezone settings from loadvars.inc and replaced with a different method of getting the timezone•Changed the query and functionality in roomrequest.asp that checks for credit card enabled in order to redirect to HTTPS; removed looping•Fixed residency check timed out when used with authentication (eventsignupdb.inc)•Removed HTML commented code at the end of the page that also included VBScript code that was executing on the Cloud server. (roommaintenance.asp•Fixed problem with View Recurring reservation if there was only 1 reservation in the series. (roomcommon.inc) VERSION 7.17
•Added Trim function in roomrequest.inc to email address values when sending emails. Admin side is not checking for valid email addresses and allows for a single space to be entered which messes up email notifications.•Added KCLS custom modifications•Added ability to keep event Published when user with access below the publish level modifies and event•Requires Defines Setting: EVENTS_KEEP_PUBLISHED_ON_EDIT = 1•Event title shows in Room Reserve Request page for Unpublished events when accessed by staff; still shows RESERVED for patron side•Bigger "Back" button - Added an additional CSS Class that needs to be added using the Style Sheet Editor page:•Log in as Admin or Super User and go to Style Sheet Editor page•In the Global section, find the "input.maintbtn" style settings•After the "input.maintbtn" style settings add the following (Actual style settings may change):•input.backbtn{font-size:24px;}•Add support for tags in subject line of emails for Events•SendRegistrationConfirmation - ^DATE^, ^TIME^, ^LIBRARY^, ^STATUS^•SendAttendanceStatusChange - ^DATE^, ^TIME^, ^LIBRARY^, ^STATUS^, ^OLDSTATUS^•Add support for tags in subject line of emails for Room Reserve•All body tags are supported•Added Evanced Message disable: DISABLE_EVANCED_MESSAGES = 1•Overhauled querystring inputs to eliminate spaces after a value is pulled in (and everything afterwards, huge security fix)
•02/08 - Fixed a series of bugs:•Prod1218 - Reservation limits are not working correctly with multiple branches•Prod1216 - Editing unmediated RR goes to Mediated view when changing schedule•Prod1222 - Manually entering a date overides the range check in search recurring•Prod1212 - Remove "Enable Special Email Info" selection from RR system settings when Events is not enabled•Prod1211 - Ensure that "Special Email Info" tag works on all Events email templates where it is available•Prod1221 - All tables should be case correct in order to function on a Linux system•Prod1223 - Sort order bug on reservation list
•02/21 - Added Room Reserve Tax feature.•02/28 - Fixed issue where equipment fixed and deposit costs associated with a room reservation were not getting passed on to the save function, as well as the confirmation and email functions.•03/07 - Added extended CC Error messaging in Events For authorize.net Processing•03/07 - Fixed a bug in the system config page where a value was being required and it needed to be blank•03/20 - Fixed a bug on reg cancel page - javascript was referencing a forms element that didn't exist (no form on page) - changed to 'getElementById'•03/20 - Fixed a bug on add/edit - max attendee validation was displaying duplicate error messages with rooms enabled and a room being selected for location, selecting a non-room location allowed user to enter space(s) only in max attendees field, input was not being trimmed when saving record•03/20 - Fixed a bug on add/edit - if EVENTS_CAPACITYCHECKDISABLE was set to 1 and the event was set for no registration, max attendee field was not validated and a run-time occurred for non-numeric entries on room request day-view•03/22 - Added support for SIPNAMEFORMAT="FIRST_LAST" in the III/Custom authentication portion of patronauth.inc•03/22 - Fixed issue where conflicts were overriding dates that were out of bounds for Prod1222•03/22 - Fix iCal daylight savings time•03/22 - Added BranchFullNames (PROD-1329) to searchparts.asp•03/22 - Fixed Date display error in RR Holiday Entry when dates are set to dd/mm/yy format•03/22 - Fixed issue of no info is shown when using Display Personal Schedule if Auth is on and no phone number is returned in authentication data.•03/26 - Added the ability for read only to see internal notes on a reservation (PROD-1256)•03/26 - Removed extranrous messaging on conflict checker when a Full Check wasn't being done (PROD-1291)•03/26 - Fixed a single quote issue on Reporting (PROD-1327)•03/27 - Fixed a couple of issues where tax percentages and amounts weren't getting defaulted to 0 and causing problems down the line.•04/9 - Fixed a bug with III authentication - when SKIPFULLPTYPECHECK was set to 0 and if patron had valid ptype, the expired card check was not executed (PROD-1408)•04/9 - Fixed a bug the registration page - staff session was not being checked so patrons could access staff-side registration fields by passing signuptype=inhouse (PROD-1502)•04/10 - Fixed a bug on room request page - viewing room bookings in the month/weekly view for over 100 or more rooms caused a run-time error due to fixed array size of 100 - changed to dynamic array•04/13 - Added a fix for non numeric entries in the check number field - this was causing problems on the equipment conversion.•04/13 - Added a potential fix to lockdown LDAP Data entry fields once a patron authenticates and the LDAP service sends back their information.•04/16 - Hide login button after successful ils/ldap authentication on room request form•04/25 - Changed link for manuals, etc... on about page to point to kb.demcosoftware.com•04/25 - Changed confirmation alert message when saving a copy of a recurring series with attendance
•05/22 - Changed roominfo=1 flag on Events XML feed to only pull in room information, not equipment information. PROD-1530•05/22 - Fixed a portion of Todd's code changes that weren't working, in relation to the personal calendar. PROD-1275•05/22 - Fixed a single quote issue when editing SPecial EMail Info. PROD-1520•05/22 - Fixed default values of "Reservation Limits" causing issues with saving. PROD-1515•05/23 - Removed private branches from showing up in the notify list. PROD-1528•05/23 - Changed Map API key to point to the correct place. PROD-1539•05/23 - Changed Staff Month view to show the name of an unpublished event. Patron view still does not. PROD-1555•05/23 - Wording changed on "move" popup from attendance page to show "Close window" instead of "Cancel and Close Window". PROD-1521
VERSION 7.21•6/26 - Changed the formatting of the date when you view/edit/copy a reservation from short format to long format, to include the name of the day. PROD-1706•Added Edit & Copy as options from the roomrequest.asp staff page. PROD-1707•Added the ability for patron fields to be searched up from the staff search pages. PROD-1708•Added a copy link to the Patron Reservation lookup screen. PROD-1709•Added a sort by library option to the events PR report. PROD-1710•7/14 - Fixed an issue with staff level not being set when registering for an event, so the registration showed up as patron and the "register for same event" button set was patron level.•Added the CANCELEMAILLOCKDOWN defines switch. This enables the email field when EVENTLOCKDOWN is selected.Set this to CANCELEMAILLOCKDOWN = "1"
•7/20 - Fixed an issue with Staff side reservation list sorting on "requested on".•Fixed an issue where the All Reservations tab was not showing reservations correctly.•Fixed an issue with individual branch admin options not showing up when logged into All Branches in room reserve.•Fixed an issue where "requested on" was actually displaying the patron creation date.•Fixed an issue where "pending approval" was always displayed as a room status on reservation editing.•Fixed an issue where "View more reservations like this" was not returning results.
•8/3 - Fixed an issue with displaying a list of dates on a recurring reservation.•Fixed an issue where recurring reservation costs were not being calculated correctly. PROD-1826
•8/6 - Fixed an issue where Events PR report was not correctly showing the right date in the calendar mode. PROD-1341•Added Total Tax line when viewing reservations. PROD-1711•8/7 - Fixed an issue where "end of the month" was not entering the next year correctly. PROD-1751•8/9 - Fixed a Case Sensitivity issue with temporary attendance tables.
•9/7 - Added a string to overcome bad Holiday data from a rooms only system that gets events switched on later in time.•9/12 - Fix for the situation in rooms when "skipdate" is set to true, and the date was still attempted to get passed into the "FormatDate" function.•9/18 - Added an extra error display on CCProcessing, to show an error if a connection doesn't get made.
•SQL Security Fixes
•9/25 - PROD-1825 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 97. Fixed how the number of openings is displayed when Maximum In-house Spots is set.•9/26 - PROD-1881 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 99. Relabeled the "Contact Name" field to "Contact Name Displayed to Public".•10/16 - PROD-1880 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 98. Fixed how the "Delete History" function deals with the end date and recurring shared-attendance events.•Events & Room Reserve Bug 98a. Fixed the workflow of deleting recurring, shared attendance, archived events.•10/17 - PROD-1710 - Events & Room Reserve Story 218. Fixed how the Events and PR reports are sorting by branch.•Events & Room Reserve Story 226. Changed phone number parsing code.•11/13 - PROD-1856 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 101. Error Message for Email Server Settings
•10/30 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 146. Changed phone number parsing code to handle "/" in the phone number.•10/31 - commweb added to the payment processor list•12/10 - Fixed PROD-1825 hotfix. Math Error.•12/11 - Fixed PROD-1880 hotfix. Included "'"s for EventDate in SQL queries
•11/2 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 291. Fixed the Holiday/Closing query to exclude ongoing events•11/5 - Fixed Patron Reservation Lookup query to respect the end date•11/9 - Fixed the Cost Template Table to show the correct DepositFlag from the database•11/14 - Removed duplicate LangType input in the code
•Encompasses the SQL Security Release
•10/30 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 314. Fixed the SaveDefines() in definesmaint.asp
•11/6 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 338. Fixed event equipment editing and saving
•11/26 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 373. Fixed navigation error in systems where some branches had unmediated rooms enabled and some did not•11/27 - PROD-1645 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 179. Fixed how phone numbers are being pulled in from ILS systems.•1/21 - Events & Room Reserve Story 378 Task 838. Handles "Mobile" as a registration source in Events
•12/19 - Parameterized SQL Query Fixes.•12/21 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 449. Fix CInt error when non-numerical values are entered into the internal spots field•1/2 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 93. Taxes not being applied to equipment on staff pages•1/7 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 427. Added Event/Meeting End Time Tag to all feeds•1/8 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 473. Change the reservation buffer field type in the database•1/8 - commweb removed from the payment processor list•2/1 - SQL fix for room conflict checking•2/4 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 586. Request Cancel function produces ODBC error•2/5 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 592. SQL fix for "''" for the eventschedulegroup table•2/6 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 597. Apostrophes in Event Type Doubled•2/12 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 618. errors in eventtypeconversion.asp•2/18 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 631. error with the Staff-side Check payment option in Events•2/20 - Patron Schedule page query fix•2/28 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 660. email notification template issue fix•3/5 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 681. Increased the ccState text field to 3 letters.
•1/15 - PROD-1818 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 96. Basic costing calculating improperly RR.•1/21 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 392. Event Report Not Honoring Event Type Order•1/28 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 555. Custom Stipulation Question's answerlist defaults to show all branches•1/28 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 26. Private Reservations Showing Publicly•2/7 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 595. Database error when using back button on calendar•3/22 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 737. Confirmation Email Template Not Respected when using repeat tag
•2/11 - Events & Room Reserve Story 203. Add Comprise Payment Method.
•2/28 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 659. fixed the "Next" button from the calendar•3/19 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 678. Database Error>Events PR Report•3/19 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 712. add space after "Other Information:"•3/19 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 731. Time Zone issue when registering•3/22 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 739. fix zip code search•4/4 - PROD-1858 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 153. waitlist settings are ignored when staff with limited registration access are registering people•5/23 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 731. Task 2049. Time Zone issue when registering for All-Day events•5/29 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 1033. "Remind Me" and DISABLEEMAILFRIEND conflict•6/4 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 911. SQL issue in roomrequestmessages.inc•6/7 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3646. System not respecting dd/mm/yy for current day
•4/8 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 647. Upgrade Script Missing Default Setting•4/18 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 427. Task 1703. put a switch to turn on the end time for dm=html•5/1 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 883. fix SQL queries in roomsetuptemplatemaintlib.inc
•5/8 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 656. "Email A Friend" bot prevention.•5/8 - Events & Room Reserve can use Amazon Email Webservice•5/23 - Events & Room Reserve Story 569. Added EVUtil.asp•5/23 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 991. mismatch error for event registration.
•5/22 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 290. Room Reserve occasionally not sending confirmation emails•5/30 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 392. Task 1085. Honoring Event Type Order in Event Reports when there are two of the same event types•5/31 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 754. IE10 SIP Authentication.•5/31 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 730. IE10 JS hovor-over drop-down menus•7/22 - Events & Room Reserve Story 6188. Task 6708. Handle the upgrade tool
•6/11 - Events & Room Reserve Story 402. SecurePay added as a third party payment method•6/13 - Events & Room Reserve Story 6015. NoveList Tag Info Integration•6/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3180. Date parsing error on Events PR Report•6/19 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3072. Error Transferring a Patron•6/20 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6410. Event entry error in Chrome•7/5 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6405. Third Party Cost Classifications•7/8 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6605. Included Third Party company names in Third Party Processing Companies drop-down menu•7/9 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6467. Handles returning from Third Party CCProcessing better•7/15 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6606. Fix Timezone issue with Third Party CCProcessing•7/17 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6607. Add TEST password field for SecurePay•7/17 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6392. Task 6608. Third Party CC Enable/Disable Issue
•7/10 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6251. Payment Waiting Stats on the Events Detailed Reports
•7/24 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6702. See Others Attending Button issue•7/25 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6785. Registration Form Saving Patrons' Data•7/26 - Third Party CC Language•7/31 - Speed Up email notification query
•8/2 - Events & Room Reserve Story 6502. Detailed Event Report with Attendance Data.•8/5 - Added the Library name to the default internal notice templates•8/6 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3384. Email Tag for Recurring Reservations•8/7 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6937. File Needs Password Protection.
•8/15 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7020. Third Party CC payment interm page•8/16 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3169. Form validation on stipedit.asp•Events & Room Reserve Bug 3067. Quotes Multiplied in the purpose field•Events & Room Reserve Bug 7067. Incorrect years in drop-down box for report option page•8/19 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3104. Extra Quotes in Keyword Search
•8/26 - Events & Room Reserve Story 6934. Support Elavon Payment processing•8/26 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3068. RR>Quotations Causes IE8 & Chrome to Crash
•8/29 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7127. maximum character limit hit on stylemaint.asp page•8/29 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7066. Apostrophes are doubling in the Contact Person's Name on the reservation page.•9/3 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3473. Room Reserve>Extra Characters In Email Confirmation•9/3 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7097. Apostrophe Bug: Room Name•9/3 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3233. Double Quote In Age Group Disables The Edit Feature Of The Age Group
•9/9 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7240. Apostrophes are doubling in registrant's name•9/12 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7327. Apostrophe also causing database error on Internal contact name.•9/12 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7406. Forced logout when testing CC processing•9/18 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7366. Saved Detailed Event Reports not returning data with the "NONE" event type.•9/25 - Events & Room Reserve Story 7339. Task 7482. Implement SES common sender email.•9/27 - Events & Room Reserve Story 7339. Task 7483. Protect emailevent.asp with captcha•11/7 - Fixed Amazon SES issues•11/12 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3228. RR>Recurring Reservations Only Show Auth Code on First Session•12/4 - Fixed ThirdPartyCC Processing Setup page for first time use•1/2 - Fix Room Reminders for Amazon SES
•9/13 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 7363. Updating attendance with a blank value•10/15 - Prevent CInt overflow, when recurring events are un-combined•11/8 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6544. Available Equipment Doesn't Calculate Properly


  • 11/27 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 6018. Email Template Not Using The Correct Template.
  • 12/10 - Events & Room Reserve Story 8082. Task 8092. Fix phone number validation
  • 12/10 - Fix duplicate apostrophe with the cardholder's name in the email.
  • 12/17 - Events & Room Reserve Story 8082. Add Captcha to the event registration form.
  • 4/23 - Bug 6018. Authentication can't handle 2030


  • 5/2/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 3219. RR Report Not Respecting Order.
  • 6/6/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 9015. Events Payment required setting preventing registrations
  • 6/30/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 9624. Enhance CC setting page.
  • 7/15/14 - Increase page timeouts on ccProcessing.asp


  • 7/9/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 9286. End Time Wrong in XML Feed w/Room Info
  • 8/8/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 10328. MySQL Error when editing an recurring reservation with bookable equipment
  • 8/11/14 - Disabled the Excel option on Events and PR Report when the list display format is selected
  • 8/11/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 10484. Back Button on Personal Display Schedule Incorrectly Directing to Error Page


  • 9/12/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 10605. Fixed Third Party CC issue
  • 9/12/14 - Fixed Special Email Info saving issue for Amazon SES users
  • 9/12/14 - Fix issue displaying recurring dates when FORCELONGDATE is enabled


  • 9/17/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 9878. Fixed issue with unwanted Equipment Requests Added to Room Reservation Requests
  • 9/18/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 10159. Fixed issue with invisible "archived" rooms
  • 9/25/14 - Events & Room Reserve Bug 10479. Search/recurring feature not respecting in RR over 4 hours reservation length
  • 10/3/14 - Fixed issue with (All Branches) Room Usage Report not displaying all rooms


  • 12/12/14 - Improved patronauth.inc
  • 12/12/14 - Fixed recurring email template tag issue
  • 12/12/14 - fixed Third Party CC recurring email template tag issue – will pull in the correct recurring info
  • 12/12/14 - fix SmartPay Production Url issue


  • 3/16/16 - HTTPS is not being respected for the tinycal links
  • 3/16/16 - Fixed "Prompt to select locations when adding a holiday event" issue
  • 3/16/16 - Fixed 'Confirmation number can contain "bad" words' issue
  • 3/16/16 - Added an Age Group Merge Tool.


  • 10/18/17 - Pivotal Ticket 151697601. Add sanitize function and sanitize form inputs on the "Email a Friend", "Notify Me", and "Remind Me" pages
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