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Important Notice FAQs

1.  Why has Demco decided to discontinue offering these products? As with any software, there comes a point at which the technology used to create the software becomes obsolete and can no longer be supported. Our products are quickly reaching that end point.

2.  When will my subscription end? If your subscription was scheduled to end between September 1 and December 31, 2023 you will be able to use the software through December 31, 2023 at no additional cost. If your subscription was scheduled to end between January 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024, your subscription will end on your regular renewal date.

3.  My subscription ends before December 31, 2023. Will I be charged for the additional time? No. Customers with renewal dates between September 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 will not be invoiced for the additional months of service.

4.  Am I able to have my data downloaded for use with different software? Probably. Your new software partner will be able to let you know what method of data transfer is preferable, and then we will work with you to transfer the data.  Here is a KB article to help with the information they may request: Exporting your data. Often times it is best to start fresh, allowing time to learn and interact with the new software.

5.  What happens to my data after the software sunsets on August 31, 2024? Your data will be permanently deleted and unavailable.

6.  Will Demco continue to fix issues that arise with the software? Yes. When you experience bugs, please continue to submit tickets through the admin portal or via the link on demcosoftware.com.

7.  We host our event and room management software on our servers. What happens to our software? Nothing. You can continue to run Events and/or Room Reserve on your servers but we will not offer any customer support for those products after August 31, 2024.

8.  My library subscribes to BrainHQ. Can I keep continuing BrainHQ with Posit Science instead? Possibly.  Posit Science is currently exploring their options to continue offering BrainHQ to libraries. Your patrons that have already signed up will be able to continue to access BrainHQ without disruption. Patrons that have not signed up, will continue to have access to your library's registration page.


Please contact support@evancedsolutions.com for further information or questions regarding your current product(s) and subscription(s).

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