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Room Reserve Admin Track

Table of Contents


Email Setup


Advanced Costing

Enabling Multi-Branch

What's covered:
  • Enabling multi-branch in Room Reserve
  • Editing information for multiple branches
  • Options at the all branches level

What's covered:
  • Changing the colors of your Room Reserve interface

System Settings General

What's covered:
  • System settings within All Branch mode
  • System settings from the individual branch mode

Mediated vs. Unmediated

What's covered:
  • The difference between a mediated and unmediated room
  • How to set either option up on Room Reserve

System Settings (Request & Reservations)
What's covered:
  • The settings up Request/Reservation settings

Editing System Messages

What's covered:
  • What a system message is
  • How to change them in the settings of Room Reserve

Equipment Inventory

What's covered:
  • Bookable equipment with a limited quantity
  • Interdependently bookable equipment
  • Adding equipment to your list

How to Setup a Room

What's covered:
  • How to add a new room
  • Discussion of each feature on the 'add room' form

Setting Up Equipment

What's covered:
  • How to enable equipment
  • Difference between fixtures and equipment
  • Adding equipment to your equipment list

Editing Fixtures

What's covered:
  • Difference between a fixture and equipment
  • How to add items to your equipment list

Editing Lists

What's covered:
  • The different types of lists in Room Reserve
  • How to edit each list


What's covered:
  • The definition of archiving
  • The different ways to archive a reservation
  • How to view archived reservations
  • Archiving best practices
  • How to auto archive a reservation

Using Custom URLs
What's covered:
  • Creating a specific URL to your Room Reserve system
  • The different ways to create a custom URL
  • Creating a URL for mediated and unmediated rooms

Reservation Forms

What's covered:
  • How to create a custom reservation form
  • How to edit and/or add a new contact form to a room

Combined Rooms

What's covered:
  • Definition of a combined room
  • How to create a combined room
  • Best practices for creating a combined room

Advanced Costing

What's covered:
  • When you should enable advanced costing
  • How to enable advanced costing
  • How advanced costing works

Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Admin Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: Learn the ins and outs of the administrator interface of the Evanced Room Reserve software.
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