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SIP Authentication Restriction in SignUp, Spaces, and D!BS

Concerning SIP authentication, there are a couple different methods of restricting certain patrons from registering for events in SignUp and reserving spaces in Spaces and D!BS. If you are currently using SIP authentication with SignUp, Spaces, or D!BS and would like to restrict authentication via one of the described methods, contact Evanced Support for assistance.


Method 1: Card Number Prefix

The system can look at a certain number of characters at the beginning of the card number and only allow cards matching a set list of prefixes. For instance, if all cards you'd like to allow begin with the number 21165 (e.g. 21165XXXXXXX), we would set the system to look at the first five characters of the card and if they match 21165, the user will be allowed through. If the first five characters of the card do not match 21165, the user will be blocked. We can also specify a range of valid card numbers. For instance, any card with a number less than 211700000000 would be valid.


Method 2: "PA" Field

The authentication response from your SIP server typically sends a field denoted by a "PA" key. Depending on your library's configuration of your SIP server, this field may mean one thing or another to you. If this field is used as a form of classification, we can use it to restrict authentication. We must specify the exact values which are considered valid which may appear in this field. For instance, if a valid card can have a "PA" value of "RES_Adult" in your system, we would need to add "RES_Adult" to our filter which then allows all "RES_Adult" cards through. More than one "PA" value can be added to the filter to allow multiple card types.

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  • Summary: Available methods (card number prefix or PA field) for restricting SIP authentication.
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