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Integrate Your SignUp Calendar into Outlook, Google Calendar, and More

Did you know that you can integrate your SignUp calendar info your Microsoft Outlook calendar, your smartphone, or your Google Calendar? You can!

If you are anything like us, we depend on our daily calendar to keep everything straight.  Wouldn't it be great to quickly add ALL of your events to your own personal calendar? Personal calendars are terrific, but they lack the kind of promotional value and registration capabilities that SignUp offers. Merging the tool options gives you the best of both worlds. 

Getting Started

SignUp calendars can be changed into a special format that most personal calendars can easily translate.  This format is called "iCal".  It is similar to other popular formats you may be familiar with, such as XML or RSS.  An iCal feed can be used to pull all or some of your SignUp events into your personal calendar. 

STEP ONE: To begin, start with the URL that you type in your library calendar.
(A "URL" is a Web address, starting with the familiar https://.  For example, at Demco Software, our demo site uses this URL: https://demozonepublic.evanced.info/signup

STEP TWO: Add the following code to the end of your library calendar URL: admin/eventsxml.aspx?dm=ical
In our example, that would make the following URL: 

Go ahead and try it with your library's SignUp URL. 

PRO TIP: Advanced users can try to customize what information displays in their iCal by using special tags and switches.  This is advanced stuff, so please refer to this article for a list of available options. 

Once you have your SignUp iCal URL, you can use it to integrate SignUp into your personal calendar.  Here's how to do it for a few different programs. 


1. In Outlook, visit your calendar page.  On the left-hand side you should see a list that says "My Calendars". 
2. Right-click on "My Calendars". 
3. Select "Add Calendar" and then "From Internet". 
4. Paste in your SignUp iCal URL, and there you have it! You have subscribed to the events of your library calendar. 


1. To add a SignUp calendar to your iPhone, visit the "Settings" app. 
2. Find "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" in the list of settings and click on it. 
3. Choose "Add Account" and then choose "Other". 
4. Choose "Add Subscribed Calendar" and type in the iCal URL you created. 

Google Calendar

1. On your Google Calendar, choose the plus "+" sign next to "Other Calendars". 
2. In the drop list, choose "Add by URL". 
3. Paste in your SignUp iCal URL and click "Add Calendar".

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