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Reports Tips And Tricks

This article covers some helpful tips and tricks with reports for SignUp, Spaces, D!bs, and Wandoo Reader.


  • Staff side users have the option to save a report.  Saved reports are highly recommended for the weekly check in type reports. You could configure your report to utilize a dynamic date and then your desired fields to be included. A user would then just need to run the report. Note with dynamic Dates: Week Ranges= Sunday through Saturday, Month Ranges= First day of the month through the last day of the month.  (Please note that SignUp currently only has the static date option for reports)
  • Up to 5 reports can be generated at one time. Simply select the desired saved reports and then the Run Report button.
  • You can pre-order your columns by arranging them in the fields included section. This is especially useful if you plan to print or export your report.
  • Help can be found throughout the application for Wandoo Reader. Simply click the help icon and information relevant to the page you are viewing will be displayed.
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