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How to Register a Patron for an Event

Some events require patrons and/or staff to per-register in order to attend. While in some cases, patrons can self-register (depending on the requirements of the event), staff members often have to help patrons with the sign-up process.

Event Registration
can be accessed in two ways.

First, from the Event System Maintenance page, select Calendar/Registration under the Registration & Attendance heading. This method first displays the Event Calendar. The desired event name should be clicked, leading to the Event Registration page.

Second, you can access the Event Registration page, via the Add/Edit/Archive page. This method method bypasses the Calendar step below and proceeds directly to registration.

The Event Registration page opens to the event information box with all the pertinent information about the event. Below that box is the Event Status Information and the Registration Dialogue Box.

Event Status information gives you the maximum number of allowed registrants, how many people have registered, how many are on the waiting list, and how many spaces are still available to fill. More choices may appear in this box depending on the event details. For more information on how to customize these please see How to Add an Event.

The Registration Dialogue is the next item down. These fields are highly customizable. Questions can be added, removed, or made required. For more information on available fields, please see How to Add an Event.

Because each registration form is custom made for the event, it is impossible to define every possible field here. If you have questions as to the meaning of a specific field please contact the event contact person (often noted in the event information box).

At the bottom of the page there are four buttons:

Complete Registration
Completes the Registration and takes you to a confirmation page.
Opens the Attendance sheet for the Event.
Edit Event
Takes you to the Event EDIT page.
Takes you back to the previous page.

Upon completing registration, you are taken to a confirmation page. Here you are presented with the registration information for the patron along with four boxes.

Back to Maintenance Page
Returns you the Event System Maintenance page.
New Event Registration
Returns to the Event Calendar to allow for selection of a different event for a different patron
Another Event Registration
Returns to the Event Calendar to allow for selection a different event for the same patron whose registration just completed.
Same Event Registration
Returns to the Event Registration page to complete registration for the same event by a new patron.

Note: in order to edit registration information, do not select back. Use the event attendance sheet to fix any errors that might have been made.
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