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How to Add an Event

To add a new event, access the Add an Event page by clicking the Add New Event button on the Add/Edit/Archive Page.

Starting from the top, first complete the section entitled Date/Time Information. Definitions follow the picture.

Ongoing Event (check box) An ongoing event is an event that lasts all day or continuously for a number of days. These events do not allow for registration, and are often for informational purposes. An example would be 'Black History Month'.
Event Date (required field) Enter the date of the event (or of the first session of a recurring event).
Recurring Options If the event is more than a single session, select how often the event will occur. If the event occurs at irregular intervals, select 'Additional Dates'. Finally, select an end date for the recurring event.
Event Time (Required Field) What time the events begins. You can also calculate the total amount of time an event will occupy a room, beyond the time the patrons will be present. It is possible to factor in both setup and take down time.

Below the Date/Time Information, you can edit Event Information. Definitions follow the picture.

*Note that custom options may expand your default list of fields for this section.

Location Choose the location in the library or grounds where the event will take place.  
Event Type Event Types are optional categories you can create which help classify an event. Adding an event type can make it easier for patrons to find events that interest them. They can also help provide useful statistical data.  
Age Group (Required Field) Allows you to chose from predefined age groups in order to tailor the event for patrons of the appropriate age.  
Event Title (Required Field) Name your Event  
Event Description (Required Field) Describe the event to the patrons. Tell them what the event is and what purpose it serves.  
Feature Event This allows you tag certain events as 'featured'. Custom RSS feeds can then be created that highlight only 'featured' events.  
Other Info Allows you to enter an additional information that might be required.  
Presenter Who will be presenting information at the event? Chose a presenter from a drop down list or input a new presenter.  
Internal Email Supply email addresses for staff who should receive emails about this event.  
Contact Name Who should be contacted by phone or email about the event?  
Link Text Supply the visible words to a hyperlink with more information about the event.  
Link Address Enter an address to a webpage with more information about the event, the subject, the presenter, or any other subject related to the event.  
PR Request Check the box if necessary and enter any relevant details that should be included in a press release.  
Optional Image Display Path Enter the web address of a photo you want to use to draw attention to the event listing. For advice on using Flicker, read this article. For more information about photos, read this.  
Internal Notes Internal notes are any other information that you want to share with staff. Internal notes will not be visible to patrons.  

Moving down the page, you'll see Registration information. If you chose to have Patrons register for the event, the menu below will appear.

Registration (Required Field) This option allows you to chose who can register patrons for the event.You can chose between No Registration, Patron & Staff Registration, or Staff Only Registration. If you choose No Registration, the rest of this menu will disappear.
Maximum Attendees (Required Field) What is the maximum number of people who can register for the event?
Maximum In-House Spots What is the maximum number of staff members who can register for the event?
Patron Status Disp (Available only for Staff Only Registration) If you chose to only allow staff members to register patrons for the event, what message or instructions do you want patrons to see? For example, "See library staff to register".
Waiting List Options Check the box to add a waiting list in the event of capped registration. You can also choose to limit the size of the waiting list.
Attendance Sheet Operation Do you want to require separate registration sheet for each session of a recurring event, or simply share one registration across all sessions.
Starting Registration Choose a fixed date, or a number of days before the event, to open registration.
Starting Registration Time Choose the time of day to open registration.
Ending Registration Time Choose a fixed date, or a number of days before the event, to open registration.
Must be Between the Ages Select an appropriate age range for patrons who are attending the event.
Must be Between the Birthdates Select a range of birthdates to limit patrons who are attending the event.
Must be Between The Grades Select a range of school grades in which patrons must fall to attend the event.
Must Give Cancellation Notice This enables attendance tracking on the attendance sheet. If selected, patrons who do not show up for an event without giving prior notice will be placed on a waiting list after being marked as a No Show three times in a six month window.

Must Enter Parent/Guardian Name Check this box to require a parent or guardian name to be supplied along with the name of the applying patron.
Payment Required Check this box if the event has a fee associated with it. Your previously established prices will appear for you to select if you have enabled pricing for your branch. If you've enabled credit card processing, more options will appear.

The final box is Administrative Information.

Status If you are not ready to publish your event, select Do Not Publish. This will save your event information, without making it available to the public. You can later go back and edit or publish the event.
Save Save your progress. With administrator privilege, this button will also publish the event.
Save & Preview Saves your progress and executes a pop-up window showing how the event entry will appear.

Note: Events can be edited after creation. For more information see the article How to Edit an Event.

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