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How To Events-Enable Residency Stipulation

How To: How To Enable Residency Stipulation For A Customer In Events

Below you will find the steps as to how to set up residency requirement on an event in the Events system. When this is set up, the patron will be prompted to answer a question about his/her residency status right on the event's registration form. If registrants answer "Yes", they will be allowed to complete their registration and if they answer "No", they are placed on the waiting list (or can be configured to just block their registration, upon request).

If you have authentication against your ILS system enabled, turning the residency stipulation on for an event, will automatically check the provided card number for residency status, instead of just asking the question. Please note that, depending on the authentication method used, one or more steps might be required for this process to work properly. For example, for SIP2 users, a list is built with the different PTYPE codes to define which indicates a resident and which indicates a non-resident. Please consult with Evanced Support for more information.

Multi-Branch Note: For Multi-Branch systems, this is configured at the branch level.

Here are the steps:

1. Log on to the Staff Side of Events using the assigned administrator password.

2. Select System Configuration and Settings from the maintenance home page.

3. Select Library Information.

4. Populate the Residency/Other Term field with applicable information - Such as "...City Resident" or "...County Resident". (Hover over the setting to see examples.)

5. Select "Save".

6. From the Event Maintenance menu> Add/Edit/Archive page, Select "Add New Event"

7. Populate the required information to create an event.

8. Enable registration, within the "Registration Information" section.

9. Locate the Residency Stipulation created in step 4 and place a check mark next to it. It should start with something like "Must be resident of ..."

Note: The time-out setting is optional; when used, the residency stipulation will expire (after the number of hours you set) allowing non-residents to register.

10. Once you have completed the required information for your Event - Select "Save".

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