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How to Manage Custom URL, XML and RSS Links

Events allows you to create custom calendars, lists, and feeds that update your patrons and staff automatically to new events and publicize specific events that you want to highlight on the schedule.

In the Events Calendar (In-House Registration Mode), you will see two boxes that allow you access to two different, but similar kinds of codes.

In Show URL Mode, you are giving the core code to six different URL codes.

Staff Only URL This allows you to create a custom calender for Staff members. The core code contains a switch that makes private and internal events visible.
Embed The embed code lets you place the calendar on staff only webpages.
Public Fixed URL This is the URL you link to in order to show the calender to the public. Anyone who clicks this url will be taken to the Patron view of the calendar.
Embed Embed your public calendar in a web page or blog.
Public Dynamic URL Create a link to a specific calendar dated according to your choosing. For example, you can create a custom link that will create a December only calender to promote holiday events. This calendar can then be linked to any time of the year you wish.
Embed Embed the dynamic calendar in a website or blog.

Below the core code is a list of "switches" you can use to change the core code to customize it to your needs.

To customize your url, it is often easiest to copy and paste the URL into a text editor like notepad or Word. Then, using the code list provided, alter the existing code to meet your needs. For example:


is a basic URL, colorized to help you understand it*. The code in red above will be structurally similar to your own. Everything before the ? never changes. Do not edit it in any way. The & markers connect the various switches. The remaining letters ag= et= dt=mo ect, are the switches.
*When you make your own custom codes, colors are not necessary. It's just a visual tool for your understanding.

Using the code list provided, alter the switches to create your own custom calendar. Remember to always separate new switches with an & sign.

More custom calendar ideas can be found here.

A client side XML example can be found here.

For more information about embeddable calendars and other widgets, read here.

This same process will be used to create a Custom RSS feed as well.

Next to the Show URL box on the Schedule of Events, you can see the RSS Feed box.

RSS feeds are special pages that automatically update alerting patrons and staff when new information has been added.

To customize your RSS feed, follow the process as with the dynamic URL. Note that the RSS feed has additional code options, so please follow the code list provided below the basic link provided.

Finally, to change the type of XML feed you produce, locate the dm= tag. Using the provided codes, alter the tag to meet your specific needs.

To add an RSS feed to your home page, read this article.

For more XML options, read this article.

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Comment by Nate Dunlevy on Fri, Apr 13th, 2012 at 3:05 PM
Cn= is an artifact no longer used. It has no value.
Comment by jas on Fri, Apr 13th, 2012 at 10:58 AM
In the sample URL, what does cn=0 mean?
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