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Understanding System Settings (All Branches Mode)

The System Settings page is different for the All Branches mode than the System Settings page in individual branch mode. This article is for All Branches only. You can access this menu via the System Configuration and Settings menu.

All changes made in this menu will apply across all branches.

There are three areas to this menu. The first two are Registration Settings and Attendance Settings.

Enable Patron Self Cancellation
Determines whether patrons can self-cancel their registration in an event. "Yes” enables a "Registration Cancel” link in the Registration Confirmation email. The patron will then receive a status change email.
Enable Registration Confirmation Emails
The system will automatically email the patron a confirmation when he or she registers for an event.
Enable Registration Limit
Prevents staff from overriding registration limits and restrictions.
Unlimited Registration Password Level
Sets the security clearance to override registration limits.
Remove Attendee Information When Archiving
When an event is moved to the archive, specific attendance information is removed. The overall event totals remain, but the individual registration lists are discarded.

Finally, there are Calendar Settings.

Enable Multi-Branch
Sets the system up to recognize more than one branch.
Enable Username Login
Sets the system to advanced security with usernames for all staff. For more information, please read these instructions.
Enable Event Type Searching
Determines whether patrons can filter or search for events by Event Type. This setting impacts the public view only.
Enable All Branches Publish Features
Enables events to be created in All Branch mode and published throughout all the individual branches.
All Branches Publishing Password Level
Sets the security level to publish events at the All Branch level.
Enable Multiple Library Searching
Enables staff and patrons to search multiple libraries from the search slider.
Enable Calendar Search Window
Enables the Search Slider and SEARCH button in the public view of the Events Calendar
Search Window Default State
Determines whether the Search Slider appears open or closed when staff or the public initially logs into Events.
Enable "Display Personal Schedule" link
Enables or disables the DISPLAY YOUR PERSONAL SCHEDULE button on the Event Calendar. This setting impacts both the staff and public views.
"Display Personal Schedule" validation options
Determines the information used to validate access to a user’s personal calendar. The system requests validation when a user’s clicks on the DISPLAY YOUR PERSONAL SCHEDULE link.
• Selecting "Confirmation” requires an event confirmation number and a patron’s last name to access a personal calendar.
• Selecting "First/Last/Phone” requires a patron’s first name, last name and phone number
Enable Event Time Display in combination with Event Title Enables an event start time display next to an event title on the calendar page.
Default Patron View
Do Patrons see the calendar page or list page first?
Default Staff View
Do staff see the calendar page or list page first?
Show Registration Numbers in Patron Views
Allows Patrons to see how many people have registered for an event.
Combined Calendar Title
Names the calendar that is seen when multiple branches are combined into one calendar.
Calendar Title
Sets the default title for the calendar.
Use Library Name
Selects whether or not the calendar uses specific individual branch names above the title

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