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D!BS Version History Notes

The following is a list of feature enhancements and bug fixes that have been released for D!BS. All customers using D!BS are automatically upgraded to the latest version. For more information about D!BS, please check our website

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Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where the D!BS calendar would show in reverse order of time for each date. 



  • Added site admin ability to Data Export their full SQL database backup files to their computers under the Settings option.


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved the issue where content was failing to load in the pop out view when selecting a day in the calendar view.  Now, the pop out displays the day's reservations and events if applicable.



  • Added ability to review and update patron's system notification and subscription status.  If a patron is not subscribed to system emails, they will not receive confirmations, updates, status change, etc.  Patron system notification status can be accessed via editing the patron record on the Find Patron page.

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where the date parameters were not loading correctly when selecting clicking on patron's past reservations link on the Find Patron page.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where clicking the "view more" button in the calendar view failed to direct users to the reservation list.


  • Improved the email opt out process for patrons that want to unsubscribe from emails.  Now, they can choose which products they would like to unsubscribe from and opt out of only those system emails.  As an example, if a site has SignUp, Spaces, and D!bs enabled the patron can choose to unsubscribe from just D!BS system emails instead of all system emails.



  • Upgraded TLS version for AWS S3 objects to ensure the media/image uploader tool continues to function properly.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where not all links in the system emails were failing to respect the SSL setting. Now all links in system emails respect the setting.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where the reservation list was not loading the results correctly when paging through the list.  Now the page loads correctly without having to select the search button after paging forward/backward.



  • Updated shibboleth authentication method to enable customers to use their own IdP (Identity provider) in the Shibboleth authentication method which now supports SAML



  • Updated LDAP authentication to improve connectivity and update to latest versions.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where upcoming reservations were included when clicking on "Past Reservations" in Find Patron.



  • Updated the unsubscribe footer language included in system emails to better explain the unsubscribe function.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue that created a typo in the verification link that is included in the system email.  The link no longer includes the duplicate https.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where unsubscribe page was not accurately displaying the patron's email verification status.



  • Updated analytics integration to support Google Analytics 4



  • Updated Location Configuration and Security Configuration to remove settings/options that were utilized only by discontinued products.


Bug Fix:

  • Updated the "Support" button to direct to the correct url for the knowledge base


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where cancellation link was not respecting the SSL setting


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with verification emails and the failure of the decryption method for the unsubscribe link.  This link now respects the SSL setting
  • Resolved issue with the verify button failing to respect the SSL setting and causing issues with the decryption method



  • Refactored the Custom URL feature to support "tel:" and make phone numbers clickable


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where SignUp event times were not displaying in the D!bs reservation calendar view



  • Maintenance/upgrades for backend services and processes


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where the cancellation link in system emails was not respecting the Force SSL setting.  The cancellation link is now dynamic and will have https or http depending on the site's configuration. 



  • Added the ability to add a custom url link to the footer on public facing pages as well as a custom label.  Please note this is currently a backend setting, contact Support to add/update.  For more information about this enhancement feel free to review the Custom URL Article


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue where patron portal not loading for Shibboleth Authentication configured customers due to Shibboleth change.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where the filtering options were not saving correctly for the staff side reservation calendar view    


Bug Fix:

  • Refactored the calendar view to improve load times for D!BS only customers



  • Mechanisms put in place to help resolve issues with sending the verification emails.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue with PIN usage with API Authentication.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue with U.S. and Canada area code listing outdated. 


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue causing the bug page on the patron side calendar view reservation workflow



  • Performance Enhancements and Optimizations with D!BS Reservation Lists and Location Setup.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with "Create with Override" user permission not working.
  • Resolved issue with Patrons' ability to alter the date and time availability.  



  • To ensure we are in line with security best practices, we have now enabled HTTPS on all customer sites.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue with spinning wheel when coping Alternate Hours from Location to All Spaces.



  • Phone Number field added to the Reservation Report.



  • Tab Name will be Universal for all products (Product Name | Demco Software).
  • Library Card Number will be visible on Find Patron/Patron Record. 



  • Saved Reports now in chronological order. 


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue with some patrons having issues with registering on the patron side.



  • Warning message when switching "Space Mediation Setting". 

Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue with Alternate Hours is not being respected.



  • Update TSL Security Protocol version for LDAP Authentication. 



  • Update disabled product language. 


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with reservations not respecting half-hour reservations.
  • Resolved issue with reservations not respecting spaces hours on the half-hour.  


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with searching patrons in Find Patron with space before or after name not coming up in search. 
  • Resolved issue with Reservation Report only pulling patron's first name.
  • Resolved issue with Reservation Report not showing all data when running report with filter by date and not having an end date for the filter.  



  • SignUp Integration in DIBS Reservation Report.  Additional Information can be found in the SignUp and D!bs Report Integration article. 
  • DIBS Patron Report
  • DIBS Reservation Report


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue when "Google Maps" pin link clickable area to large
  • Resolved issue when API search results show next day reservations


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue when Location Hours are overriding Space Alternate Hours



Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue when Search Calendar not showing proper spaces available


Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue when pulling specific space on Patron Side gives bug page


Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue when making a reservation the email confirmation and the reservation on staff side changes to February 28th regardless of what date was selected.


Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue Calendar View clicking next month starts on the 11th 


Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue of system not updating all customers when pushing to production
  • Resolved issue of "Any Time" selection defaulting back to today's date



  • D!BS Staff Calendar View with checkbox
  • D!BS Patron Calendar View with checkbox


Enhancement: Include SignUp events in D!BS Reports



  • Added the ability to bypass the auto log out for staff side users.  Additional information can be found in the Keep Me Logged In article.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with time selection from 01/24/2019 push.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where patrons were unable to access with authentication enabled.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue of library card failing to save with the patron record when authentication is enabled.
  • Resolved issue where time selection was not auto-scrolling the timesheet when viewing on a mobile device.
  • Resolved issue with API failing to return results in chronological order.  


  • Library Card Unique Identifier. When authentication is enabled for a system, the library card is the unique identifier for the patron record.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where Authentication errors/issues pop-up modal are more descriptive when notifying patrons/staff
  • Resolved issues where Authentication Maximum Fee Limit is set and the system was auto rounding fines


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where email verifications not being sent to patrons with ForceSSL (HTTPS) enabled on site


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where XML values being programmatically removed


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue where Shibboleth D!BS customers were having issues with the media uploader utility. 


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue where patron portal not loading for Shibboleth Authentication configured customers due to Shibboleth change.


Bug Fix: 

  • Resolved issue where a user could use the inspector tools and modify the reservation duration values to create a reservation that was more than the library's settings would allow



  • Updated From Demco Software box on the dashboard page to allow for better messaging and usability.



  • Update to change various links to hit proper Demco Software web pages.



  • Force SSL Setting option added.  In order to utilize this option, you must contact support.  This setting will force secured HTTPS access on all pages (patron and staff) and across all New Core products (SignUp, Spaces, Dibs, and Wandoo Reader) if applicable. If content has been added to the software that is hosted as nonsecure (HTTP) the web browser may give warnings to end-users (varies by browser). For example, an added room image that is hosted outside of the Demco Software products (utilizing the “From URL” feature within the Image Uploader) on an HTTP site could potentially trigger a web browser warning.
  • More information on how HTTPS vs HTTP content is displayed in browsers here.



Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue of rooms designated as private appearing on the patron side.



  • Updated loading spinner image to be Demco Software branded


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved error with staff-side forgot password workflow


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved the failure of staff side password reset workflow for non-SignUp customers.



  • Replaced Evanced logos in the footer on patron-side with Demco Software logo
  • Replaced most of the Evanced logos in staff-side of software with Demco Software logo
  • Enabled Boopsie app access to the list of products on the staff-side dashboard page


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where product selection was not being cached in the dashboard page after staff logged out
  • Added Full Story analytics integration
Bug Fix:
  • Space ID is always used now instead of Space Name when conflict checking and enforcing reservation limits 
Bug Fix:
  • Resolved III authentication expiration date issue


Feature/Enhancement: Email verification workflow changes.

Highlights towards above are:

  • The window verification will be extended to 72 hours.
  • If a patron is registered with a non-verified email, the confirmation message will instruct them to look for the email. This will occur for both staff and patron side registrations.
  • Non-Verified emails will display as red when viewing the find patron page. Verified emails will display in green.
  • Users with Edit Patron permissions, will have the ability to resend the verification email if the link has expired.
  • Patrons would have the ability to request a new link via their email if the link has expired.
  • A styled email that makes it more intuitive for the patron.
  • For information towards the above changes, visit this article.


  • Updated style for the loading spinner.

Bug Fixes:

  • Patron Hold Check for expired cards issue resolved for the III (patron API) method.
  • Repaired issue with the "enable multi-branch" setting on the back end.


Bug Fix:

  • SIP Authentication PIN not required to display the PIN field issue resolved.  PIN field will now respect the setting.



  • Permissions Update!  Granular permissions have now been created.  Admin users can create new custom security roles.  For more information on what permissions have been created visit this article.

10/15/2015 "15_12 & 15_13"


  • L-Dap configuration change for new D!bs customer
  • Shibboleth configuration for a new D!bs customer

Bug Fix:  

  • Style issue addressed on the reservation list page.

09/09/2015 "15_11"


  • Added a setting to auto-update records against the ILS records when using authentication.  (The setting is enabled by default.  If you would like your site to have this option disabled, please contact the support team here.)
  • Staff side user names were case sensitive.  They are no longer.  The password field remains case sensitive.
  • Added a setting to determine when a reservation becomes inactive.  If this is not set, then by default the reservation is considered inactive.  This setting compliments room reservation restrictions.  (The setting is disabled by default.  If you would like your site to have this option enabled, please contact the support team here.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue with the SIP authentication method with the middle initial field.
  • LDAP cutting off the first letter in the first name in certain configurations.  (Please note this was hot fixed into production on 08/21/2015) 

08/19/2015 "15_10"

Security Update

07/29/2015 "15_09"


  • New Color Schemes.  Green/Gold, Almost Black, and Purple.
  • Additional LDAP configuration updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed data save issues when connected to a MySQL database.
  • Reservation issue with an alternate closing time.
  • Patron Authentication was retained after logging into the staff side on the reservation form.  It now is corrected.

04/14/2015 "15_04 & 05"

  • New Feature: Fix to allow for new kinds of LDAP setups. 

03/17/2015 "15_03"

  • Cosmetic: In-app logo change to "Evanced, A DEMCO Company".
  • Cosmetic: Removed extra semi-colon from landing page.
  • Bug: LDAP issue involving passwords with "#" symbol resolved.
  • Bug: IP-related troubleshooting options added for Evanced staff.

02/18/2015 "15_02"

  • Bug: Customer-specific LDAP fixes

02/05/2015 "15_01"

  • Cosmetic: Payment Policy text and link added to e-commerce-enabled sites.
  • Bug: Alternate hours date/time order bug was fixed.
  • Bug: Reporting bugs fixed.
  • Bug: Reservations lasting until midnight now get on-time eviction notices.
  • Bug: Duplicate reminder emails are no longer sending.

12/30/2014 "14_20", "14_21", "14_22", and "14_23"

  • Cosmetic: Menu style change.
  • Bug: Issue surrounding the en-AU and es-MX date formats on the patron side were resolved.
  • Bug: Alternate hours in the en-AU date format now work correctly.

12/8/2014 "14_18" and "14_19"

  • Cosmetic: Date picker update
  • Cosmetic: For systems with multiple products, the last product menu choice will be remembered.
  • Bug: Style problems with the authenticated login page were fixed.
  • NEW FEATURE: For non-shibboleth authenticated users, there is now a logout button so patrons using the system on public computers can end their session.

10/15/2014 "14_17"

9/24/2014 "14-16"

  • Data Setup pages have been exposed! Customers can now configure their own locations, spaces, hours, and equipment. Please watch this video to learn more about this important new feature that gives increasing control to admin users.
  • The room closing tool has been modified and will be phased out in favor of new workflows with the Space Setup page.
  • Updated Support Icon better reflects how to get support from Evanced.
  • Confirmation email bug fixed.
  • LDAP can now be configured before it is enabled.

09/10/2014 "14_15"

  • Alternate hours have been added. Evanced staff can now add alternate hours for your library. This feature will be available to admin users soon. For now, contact Evanced Support to set up alternate hours for locations or spaces.
  • Date picker bug was fixed. The error log is no longer one week ahead. 
  • A new bright blue color scheme was added.
  • Email validation improved. 
  • Edit patron bug fixed
  • Modals open when the program timed out were open behind the browser and hidden from staff. This is fixed.

8/27/2014 "14_14"

  • A new “maroon” color style sheet was added.
  • Back-end default XML settings were updated
  • Invalid path to ie.css bug fixed
  • Error log entries show time and date

06/13/2014 "14_10"

  • Dashboard stats have been added.
  • Shibboleth routing bug fixed.
  • System alert banner display bug fixed.
  • Back-end improvements to aid Evanced in site setup.

06/04/2014 "14_09"

  • Major bug fixes to resolve issues surrounding the 14_08_H release.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code prep work added.
  • Add Clicktale Analytics Tracking Code prep work added.
05/22/2014 "14_08_H"
  • Setup Dibs to use shared locations/spaces table- This makes it possible now to add locations/spaces into one shared table. It gets us closer to location/space management on the staff side for admin users. I
  • Location Refactor- We’ve updated the data entry pages.
  • Set up the Legacy QR Code workflow to use the new legacy linkage table. It’s a change in the QR Code workflow. We’ve added code to handle the links that are already in use, but new rooms will need to utilize the new format. (This article was updated to reflect this change: http://kb.demcosoftware.com/article.php?id=440)
  • Setup a new QR Code workflow for the commonLocation table IDS.
05/08/2014 "14_07_G"
  • Minutes of Availability Not Accounting For Room Closures bug fixed-The utilization report was not taking into account room closings when calculating the minutes of availability.
  • Minutes of Availability Not Accounting for Multiple Sets of Room Hour's bug fixed- The utilization report was not accounting for multiple sets of hours when calculating the minutes of availability. (I.E. A room that’s open from 8 AM-11 AM and then 2 PM-9 PM)
  • Set up LDAP to be a variable URL in web config
  • Fixed Shibboleth Search hang issue- Updated Shibboleth SP instance to 2.5.3 to resolve the intermittent search hang.
04/29/2014 "14_06 F"
  • Utilization Report bug fix. Static Dates were returning different results from what the Dynamic Dates reports were. Now they return the same correct results
  • Utilization Report bug fix. This report was returning incorrect results for Minutes Available.
  • Utilization Report bug fix. When running a utilization report on a room that has unique room hours with a report date range that spans the days where the room isn't open, the availability of the previous day will be added to the total instead of adding a zero. Now it works as expected.
  • LDAP Configuration updated.
  • LDAP Test Page was added.
  • LDAP Separate fields for first and last name are now supported. Some refactoring was done with our LDAP configurations to handle customers that have varying setups with their patron names. We now can accommodate scenarios where they have combined the first and last name into one field or where they have them in separate fields.
  • Setup a better mechanism for managing the distributed cache.
4/17/2014 "14_05 E"
  • A bug related to room hours that go to midnight when the room is closed the next day was fixed.
  • A link to Evanced privacy policies were added to all patron pages.
04/10/2014 "14_04 D"
  • A site creation tool has been added for Evanced staff to expedite the building of new sites.
  • The ghost text was not displaying as expected for IE8 and 9 when authentication is turned on. Now it displays for those browsers
03/27/2014 "14_02 B and 14_03 C"
  • Using the en-AU code for date formatting was causing some issues on the staff side for D!BS.
  • Refactoring for the email services was complete. When the queue gets backed up it was causing duplications to occur.
02/28/2014 "14_01 A"
  • New Style Changes include Spiffy new fonts, new icons, and a name change for the SignUp Buttons.Register Patron is now Calendar View and Find Event is now List View.
  • Signup and Dibs Admin SSL issues were resolved. Some script was loading as HTTP instead of HTTPS. This was causing some security alerts.
  • A bug related to role changes in User Management has been resolved. Changes are now reflected without a page refresh.
  • Date Range searching now functions as consistently across products.
  • SMS Issue for Australia- Turns out the issue was that if you reply "Stop” to our SMS service it will stop sending you text messages. This was a user error.
  • Commas in Location Name bug. We changed the Subject of the Dibs emails so this is no longer an issue.
  • There were Inconsistencies between Regular and QR code workflow. This only impacts 24-hour reservation lengths.
  • Dibs admin reservation workflow- "Now” meant tomorrow..but now it means today.
  • Patron name/information was being changed even with a failed reservation attempt. Now the system does not update the patron information until the reservation is successful.
  • Incorrect Search Results When the Duration Exceeds Closure Period bug was fixed. It is now recognized as a conflict if our reservation passes into the following day and the following day does not begin at midnight (00:00:00).
  • Room Closing workflow was only allowing for 30 min increments. Now closures can go down to the exact minute.
  • Reports and Special Characters- we were not handling the special character of < correctly. Now we do.
  • Crud pages for Dibs. This allows the Evanced staff to edit rooms more quickly.
  • Removes "Sort By" options when no results are displayed.
02/05/2014 "Zero to Sixty"
  • SIP Authentication Addition- You can restrict booking now based on fines. You can also set a threshold for this restriction. For example, if you have less than $10 you can book, over that you can not.
  • Existing reservations that crossed midnight could be ignored in some cases. Now the system recognizes that the entire time span is booked.
  • There was an issue if you wanted to customize the language on the confirmation page. Now you can update the text.
  • A tool was added to make sure all sites contain proper XML defaults for back-end settings.
01/17/2014 "Yerma"
  • Back-end clean up to prepare for international SMS sending.
12/17/2013 "Wrinkle in Time"
  • Half-hour time increments have been added for reservation requests! The system will also handle 15-minute increments, but be aware that it causes long timesheets on a mobile device.
11/06/2013 "Spycatcher"
  • There was a slight enhancement to the search/filter ribbon.
  • A bug involving the way a closed room displayed in the patron versus staff view was resolved.
  • The "Support" link is now connected to the Evanced Knowledge Base.
10/16/2013 "Running Loose"
  • Paging controls were added to the bottom of the lists.
  • Eviction messages were reformatted to be under 160 characters.
10/10/2013 "Quarantine"
  • No more need to refresh the cache after updates.
  • We have changed text message providers in preparation for international use.
  • Dynamic dates were added to the reports. This allows for saved reports that generate results for "this week" or "yesterday".
  • The ribbon now lets the user know what step they are on when setting up a report.
  • There was an update to the Multi-Select tool. We made an update to indicate when a subcategory is only partially selected. (I.E. I've only picked a few rooms in the Administration Building).
10/3/2013 "Ordinary People" and "Pillars of the Earth"
  • Search ribbon now indicates a user-selected something that is not the default. This shows up in the reservation list.
  • A bug causing double bookings across the midnight barrier was fixed.
  • Saving a report for All Branches now saves correctly.
09/25/2013 "Naked Lunch"
  • XML update bug was fixed. Caching issues caused an error when XML was updated.
  • The messages from the Evanced field was secured in preparation for launch.
09/10/2013 "Mountain Wreath"
  • Eviction Email Time Zone bug was fixed.
  • The authentication function was enhanced. Now even if the patron has a phone number in their ILS record, it is not pulled in. This is because the phone field is optional and it will send a text message confirmation.

08/20/2013 "The Summer Classics"*

  • New email sending process will send confirmation emails from XXX@EvancedDibs.com.
  • Allows patrons to unsubscribe from emails.
  • Color changes will apply across core products.
  • III authentication is now available.
  • ILS authentication is now available.
  • Restrictions can now set on a per-room basis. They can be set for email domains, max total reservations, and total active reservations.
  • Admins can now close a room, view closings, edit closings, and delete closings.
  • Room access can now be restricted based on patron type. For instance, booking a room could be restricted to only grad students.
  • An eviction email will be sent 15 minutes before bookings end. This feature can be turned on or off.
  • Patron reminder emails are now sent. These include a cancellation link.
  • Emails are now styled.
  • Room restrictions do not apply to the staff side thanks to new Staff Override powers.
*This build encompasses four iterations: "Great Gatsby", "Heart of Darkness", "In Our Time" and "To Kill a Mockingbird".

07/17/2013 "Fountainhead"

  • 508 compliance for D!BS has been added
  • LDAP authentication has been added
  • A bug involving the way the patron view renders in Chrome has been resolved.
06/14/2013 "East of Eden"
  • The ability to close rooms has been added
05/22/2013 "Catcher in the Rye" and "Davinci Code"
  • Single router authentication was added.
  • A room utilization report was added.
  • A room usage report was added.
  • Chinese language option is now live.
  • Options for Australian and New Zealand regional settings were added.
  • The workflow for QR codes has been improved.
  • Cancelling a reservation returns the user to the page they were on.
  • The building page is skipped for single-building situations.
  • A bug fix for reservations over 8 hours was added.
05/02/2013 "Brave New World"
  • D!BS has been changed to D!BS
  • Default search results have been updated.
  • QR code workflow: Time page auto-scroll is fixed
  • Cancelling a reservation leaves you on the page you were on
  • White space before or after text is ignored when a reservation is submitted.
  • Typos corrected in error messaging.
04/03/2013 "A Farewell to Arms"
  • Fixed phone number auto-format on the patron display.
  • Returned the 'ghost text' to the fields when viewed in IE.
  • Fixed a navigation error when logged into the admin view of the Dibs home page.
  • Fixed a display error involving the Dibs logo.
  • Restored custom logo functionality.
  • Fixed an error involving an apostrophe in a patron's first or last name.
  • Fixed display error generated by editing a patron in the Find Patron workflow.
  • An "in progress" notification was added to alert users the system is working.
  • An administrative "Find Patron" page was added. Now patrons can be searched for on the staff side.
  • An administrative "Reservation List" page was added. Now staff can locate reservations on the staff side.
  • Fixed error caused by a room open until Midnight, but closed the next day.
  • Fixed display errors caused by extended character set.
  • A public API was added. Also dotNet consumption is now supported.
  • Phone number parsing was fixed.
  • There was a Clickatell IP change
  • An HTML anti-forgery token was added
  • An error page was added to display in the event of a .net error.
  • Fixed an error caused by the QR code workflow in the event of no available time slots.
  • Created a bread crumb trail and home icon when using QR Code.
  • When moving over unavailable buildings, the cursor changes to a hand.
  • A confirmation page appears if an image fails to load.
  • Error messaging on the registration page is now more consistent.
  • Incorrect Error Message has been added in Spanish.
  • The cancellation process has been fully translated into Spanish.
  • The Spanish confirmation email has been translated.
  • Text messaging confirmation has been activated for Spanish.
  • The primary feature is a new administrative page to allow you to view and cancel reservations.
    • The administrative link is: http://(yourlibrary).evanced.info
    • The "View Activity” button will take you to the reservation list which has a cancel link in it.
    • The "System Settings” button is not functional yet and will be updated in an upcoming release.
    • For now there is only one admin account. Future updates will include the ability to add accounts and change passwords.
  • One very big change. Your URL has changed.
    • Was: http://yourlibrary.evanced.info is now: http://yourlibrary.evanced.info/dibs
    • This was done in order to allow us to begin building the admin functions for Dibs. Your original link will be your link to the admin pages once they are operational.
  • There is a new setting that will allow customers with only 1 building to skip the building selection page. Let us know if you would like this enabled.
  • There are 6 selectable color themes. Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue and Red. Let us know if you would like your site changed to a different color theme.
  • A custom header can now be added to your site. The image needs to be 106 pixels tall. If the width is narrower than the screen then the background color (white) will be shown.
  • The QR code workflow was changed to allow a user to get back to the main selection screen (select a new room) instead of being forced to use that room.
  • An invalid room ID defaults to the main page.
  • A new setting to restrict reservations made for the same time has been added. Let us know if you want this enabled.
  • Significant load time improvement and the splash screen was updated.
  • The length of a reservation selection (currently 1, 2, 3, or 4) can be configured. Let us know if you want this changed on your site.
  • Phone number entry now formats the data into a 10-digit number regardless of what was entered.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Start a reservation with QR Codes. (Help for setting up QR codes can be found here)
  • URLs are based on unique IDs associated with the rooms.
  • The ability to add images and descriptions for rooms and buildings.
  • The addition of System limits for reservations.The ability to handle configurable room sizes (1-4, 5-8, etc.)
    • Maximum number of days in the future a reservation can be made.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make per date.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make per room per date.
  • Handling of specific errors in the web service and the mobile application.
  • All buildings show (disabled if no times are available) all the time.
  • Other minor bugs and style corrections.   
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  • Summary: A running list of changes made in the DIBS program
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You‘re quite welcome, Parker! We are glad that we have finally been able to push this out! Enjoy!
Comment by Parker on Wed, Sep 24th, 2014 at 9:06 AM
Thank you for rolling out the ability to configure spaces and locations! We are very excited to have more control over configuration.
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