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Cheat Sheet: How to Add and Publish an Event

Adding an Event

1. Select your library.
[Note: Modify steps 1 and 2 as per your library’s procedures]

2. Type in your password. _______________________________

3. Under "event maintenance” click "Add/edit/archive”.

45. Click "Add new event” and fill in the form.
a. Starred fields are required
b. Don’t forget to fill in your initials in the last box before the registration

5. Click "Save”
Because you are logged in as the Branch Manager, the event is saved AND automatically
published to the public view of the calendar.

Publishing Events Added by Other Branch Staff

1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above.

2. Check "unpublished events only”, then click "search”. You will see a list of
unpublished events. You may review each for accuracy and spelling by clicking
"edit” in the event listing. Then publish by ONE of the following methods:

3. Publish single events by clicking "edit” in the listing for an event.
a. Review for accuracy and spelling.
b. Add your initials in the box just before the registration information.
c. Click "Save” at the bottom of the form. The event is published.

4. Bulk-publish multiple events by clicking "bulk publish”.
a. Select the beginning and ending dates in the pop- up calendar.
b. Click "Publish”. The events are published.

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