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LDAP Authentication in D!BS

In order to set up LDAP Authentication in D!BS, we need the following information:

Connection path. It should look like this (varies based on setup- this is just a dummy sample): LDAP://[URL_IP]:PORTNUMBER/CN=People,CN=sandbox,DC=ITOrg

SSL: Enabled or Disabled

User (to establish connection): i.e. CN=superuser,CN=People,CN=Sandbox,DC=ITOrg

Password (to establish connection)

Filter: i.e. (&(objectClass=*)(uid=^CARDNUM^))

Output Field to LDAP field Map (variables used to indicate the following fields in your LDAP system - provide only applicable fields):

Patron Name (example can be 'givenname')

Email Address

P Type

Please ensure that you open your firewall for our office network and servers:



We will also need a test user account information.


Send this list to Evanced Support to begin the setup process.



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  • Applicable To: Admin Users
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  • Summary: Information to provide to Evanced for configuring LDAP authentication in D!BS.
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