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Using SmartPay or SecurePay with the E-Commerce Module

Among the options for libraries using our e-commerce module are SmartPay and SecurePay. Both are third party processors that work similar to a system like PayPal.

When you enable the SecurePay option a number of things happen when the patron transaction occurs.

1.       Our system redirects the patron to SecurePay’s payment page

2.       On SecurePay’s payment page, the user will enter his or her information (i.e. name, credit card info, etc.)

3.       After the patron pays or cancels the transaction, he or she will be redirected back to Events or Room Reserve

4.       Then Events or Rooms shows the user the confirmation page

Remember that both SecurePay and SmartPay are third-party vendors, and you need to have an account with those services in order to activate it in your e-commerce module. Note Evanced uses the SecureFrame method to connect to SecurePay's interface.

If you are interested in adding e-commerce to your system, contact sales@evancedsolutions.com. For help configuring your e-commerce module, review our article on configuring third-party e-commerce or contact Evanced Support.



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  • Summary: How Smart and Securepay work in Events and Room Reserve
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