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Differences between SignUp and Events

Currently SignUp does not offer these features which exist in Events. Most, but not all, will be added soon.

Patron Personal Calendar (Planned future feature - no ETA)

Integration with Room Reserve (Note SignUp integrates with our new program, Spaces, to cover room booking)

Local server installation (this will not be possible with SignUp)

The following chart will help you compare the two products.

Feature SignUp
Yes Local Server Install
Yes View Personal Schedule
Yes Authenticated Residency Restriction
Yes Patron-side Registration Cancellation
No WYSIWYG Event Editor Yes
No Multimedia Embed Yes
No Event Preview Yes
No Report Customization and Branding Yes
No Save Unfinished Event Yes
No Staff Notification of Registrations Yes
No Staff Event Cancellation Yes
No Staff Security Roles Yes
No Event Templates Yes
No Activity Dashboard Yes
Yes Per-event Authentication Yes
Yes* Mobile Access Yes
No API Yes

* Events Mobile requires an additional installation performed by Evanced Support. When accessing the calendar on a mobile device, a specific URL must be used. Automatically redirecting to the mobile version is not possible.

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  • Summary: What features are available in each product?
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