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Understanding Style Configuration

Note: this article covers both Events and Room Reserve. If you have both programs, the settings in Events are considered the dominant settings.

Style Configuration allows you to set the colors and fonts that your system displays. Coloring is important to building and aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand site. Access Style Configuration from the System Configuration & Settling link on the Event System Maintenance page.

Style Configuration contains the following menu options that can be expanded:

General Display Properties
What are the basic text colors for the site?
Event Title Properties
On the Events Calendar, how do event titles appear?
List Display Properties
How is the List View colored?
Calendar Display Properties
How is the Events Calender colored? In Rooms, these settings cover the Rooms Calendar

You can find the precise color you are looking for using hexadecimal code. You can also click 'pick' to bring up a color menu. On the General Display Properties menu, you can also change the body font the system uses.

If you alter a color setting, be sure to click Save before moving down to the other menus within Style Configuration Maintenance.

A good strategy for changing colors schemes is as follows:

1. Determine if your branch already has official colors used on the website. If possible, determine the hexadecimal values for those colors. If that's not possible, use the color picker to approximate the current look of the the site.

2. In a separate browser or tab, open the patron view of your Events Calendar or Events List. Each time you change a color or font, click save. Then refresh the calendar or list in the other browser. Take note of how the appearance changes.

Always check your color choices against what the public will see. Poor color choices can undo the hard work you put into designing your calendar. If the patrons can't read the event information clearly, they are less likely to use the calendar as a tool to help them take full advantage of your libraries.

In Events, you'll see a button at the bottom offering you the opportunity to load colors from Room Reserve. In Room Reserve, the button says Load Events Schedule. These will copy settings from one half of the program to the other half.

If you want photo diagrams of what each line refers to, please read this article.
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