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Understanding System Configuration and Settings

Events allows you to customize a wide range of settings. You can access the System Configuration and Settings menu from the Events System Maintenance page.

Please note two things:

1. There are different options available depending on whether you are logged in at the branch level or the All Branches level. If you can't find an option you know exists, check to make sure you are logged in at the right level.

2. The System Maintenance Page opens directly to Style Configuration Maintenance. There is a menu along the left hand side that can help you navigate through the page.

The following illustration is an example of what options are available to specific branches.

The following are the menu definitions. Items marked with an * are only available in ALL BRANCHES mode. Items marked with a double ** are only available in individual branch mode. Items without either appear on both menus.

Style Configuration
Style configuration allows you to alter the colors and font of the site.
Library Information
Library information allows you to alter the name, address, phone number, home page, map, and branch hours for a specific branch. In All Branches mode, you can also add a new branch or edit all existing branches.
System Messages**
System messages allow you to customize the specific instructions and information the patrons will encounter while using the program. Custom control the phrases the system uses to communicate with patrons.
System Templates
**System Templates control the basic phrasing of key interactions between the system and the Patron. these include: registration successful, registration probation, already registered, registration residency failed, and registration payment required. *In the All Branch mode, this setting controls text on the Event/PR report and the Print List
Regional Settings*
Controls the language, date, and time settings for All Branches.
Email Server Settings*
Controls server settings for the outgoing email, including ways to customize Event/Reminder emails, the notify log, and testing options.
Email Templates**
Custom control the language for outgoing emails. You can control upcoming event notifications, registration reminders, event reminders, confirmations, and status changes.
Email Settings**
Customize settings specifically for the Confirmation/Status change emails which don't allow for patron replies
Security Change the passwords for the various levels of security
System Settings (individual branch mode)
Custom control many key settings within the system. Please read the article on System Settings Maintenance (individual branch mode) for more details.
System Settings (All Branches)
Controls different settings than are available at the individual branch mode. Please read the article on System Settings Maintenance (All Branches) for details.
Credit Card Settings
Configure your library to process credit card payments for event registration.
Return to the Events System Maintenance page

For more details about each individual page, please click on the corresponding articles as linked above.

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