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What do the tags available from the system and email templates mean?

This article will give a descriptions of what the tags are and how they work in the system and email templates.

The tags in the templates are used to pull information and place it in an email template or a system template.  The tags allow admins and staff to send messages or display information to a large number of people because the tags pull in variable information.  For example, the Event Title tag will pull in the event title of whichever event a patron signs up for.  If person A registers for event A and person B registers for event B, one email template can be used to send a corresponding email to both of them.  Person A's event title will say A and person B's will say B.  This is variable data that differs from patron to patron. 

When inputting a tag, select the tag you want to bring over and click the red "<" to bring it into the text box.  It will show up like this: ^TAG^ where Tag is the name of the Tag you brought over.  The carrots (^) tell the system to pull that data, so they should not be removed.

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