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Understanding the Staff Home Page (Event System Maintenance Page)

This article will teach you about the Staff Home Page (aka Event System Maintenance Page) by explaining the purpose of each of the tabs and links.

Note #1: This picture is for the branch view only.

Note #2: If you have multiple branches enabled, in the upper right corner of the screen you'll see the Branch Select Dropdown. If your system has Room Request, you'll also find a hotlink to that system as well.

From the home page (above), you can access all the features of the Events Program.

Reading left to right from the top of the screen, you can see the following tabs (click on links for more details):

Home The Home tab takes you back to the Event System Maintenance page from any other page in the program.
Event Maintenance
The Event Maintenance tab allows you to access the Add/Edit/Archive menu or the View Archive menu. If you mouse over Event Maintenance, both options appear. If you click on Event Maintenance, it will take you to the Add/Edit Archive menu automatically. Event Maintenance options allow you create, edit, or view events for your library.

Registration & Attendance
The Registration & Attendance tab allows you to access the Event Attendance, Calendar/Registration, or Attendee Lookup pages. The pages give you quick and easy access to a wealth of information about who is planning to attend future events or has already attended recent events. Mouse over the tab to reveal the options.

The Reports tab is your gateway to the Event Statistics Report, Detailed Event Report, Events and PR Report, Subscriber Lookup, and Subscriber Details. These tools aid in creating a variety of useful reports related to attendance and payment, as well as data about individual subscribers. Mouse over the tab to reveal the options.

The Settings Tab grants access to the System Configuration and Settings page, the Event Type List, and the Age Group List pages. There are also some branch specific options. Via the Settings pages, you can change the look and feel of Events. Mouse over the tab for options.

The About tab reveals the version information for your copy of Events. It also provides links back to Evanced.com as well as support information.
The Logoff tab logs you out of Events and sends you back to the Logon Screen

As your eye moves down from the menu tabs, locate the box labeled Event Maintenance on the left. Under Event Maintenance, there are two options:
The Add/Edit/Archive function allows staff to search a list of current events, view event information, add, edit, and archive events, determine an event’s publication status (i.e., whether the event appears on the patron’s calendar view), and publish events.

View Archive
The View Archive function allows staff to search events that have been archived and no longer appear on the active Events Calendar. Staff may also permanently delete events from the archive

Below the Event Maintenance box is the Registration & Attendance box.

Event Attendance
The Event Attendance function provides access to an event’s attendance sheet. The Event Attendance Sheet displays the event schedule, registration requirements (if any), and attendance statistics. This function supports the exporting of Event Attendance
information to Excel. It also provides opening of the event in Edit mode.
The Calendar/Registration function allows staff access to the Event Registration Form, which includes information about the event (i.e., schedule, per-requisites, etc.), registration status (i.e., total openings, total registered, etc.), and a registration form. It also provides opening of the event in Edit mode.
Attendee Lookup
This Attendee Lookup function allows users to:
• Search the database for anyone who has ever registered for an event,
• View and edit contact information,
• View and reset no show information,
• Delete attendees from the database, and
Register attendees for events.
• Cancel attendees from events.
Attendee Lookup streamlines event registration by automatically completing the contact information section of the Event Registration Form.

In the center of the page, locate the Calendar Search page link, just above three text entry fields. Fields marked with an * are only available in individual branch mode.

Calendar Search Page
The Calendar Search Page is a filter allowing users to search the Event Calendar. Search fields include date, location, event type, age group, presenter, zip code, published events and unpublished events.
Registration & Attendance
The Registration and Attendance function is a keyword search field that displays in calendar format all events and occurrences containing the keyword(s). Click on any event occurrence to display the Event Registration page.

Attendee Lookup
The Attendee Lookup allows users to search for a registered patron by first name, last name, phone number, library card number, email address, or event confirmation number. This quick search field performs the same function as the Attendee Lookup function listed under Registration and Attendance.

Event Maintenance
Event Maintenance is a key word search of the current month’s Event Calendar. The system displays search results on the Event Maintenance page in list format.

Along the right edge of the page, locate the Reports box.
Event Statistics Report
The Event Statistics Report summarizes statistics for all events and event types within a specified date range. The report is exportable to Word or Excel.

Detailed Event Report

The Detailed Events Report allows to users generate a customized report based upon criteria selected from the Event Information Report Filter. The available criteria include keyword, date range, age group, branches/libraries, and event types. Users
can display reports in HTML format and export to Word or Excel.
Events and PR Report
The Events and PR Report provides users with a detailed report about events scheduled within a specified time frame, including the schedule, description, and public relations needs of scheduled events. The amount of detail in the report depends upon the report’s format (i.e., list, table or calendar). Users may export reports to Word or Excel.

Events Credit Card Processing Report*
Events Credit Card Processing Report allows you to create reports showing which credit cards have been processed.
Subscriber Lookup
Subscriber Lookup allows users to:
• Search the database of patrons who subscribe to Notify Me or Remind Me,
• View and edit subscriber contact information (name and email address only), and
• Delete subscribers from the database.

Subscriber Details
Subscriber Details displays a list of all patrons subscribed to Notify Me or Remind Me along with their email information, the type of event they subscribed to and their library branch. It includes an option to export this list to Excel

Just below the Reports box is the Settings box. *These options are only available in the Branch View.

System Configuration and Settings
System Configuration and Settings allows you to manipulate the aesthetic of the calendars and lists, as well as customize branch information, system messages, templates, email settings, security and regional settings, and other system settings.
Location List*
Location List allows you to add a new location or room in which an event can be held.
Grade List*
Grade List allows you to customize which school grades are available to set.
Zip Code List*
Zip Code List allows you to add zip codes which can be used to screen or direct patrons.
Presenter List*
Presenter List allows you to add presenters.
Event Type List
Event Type List allows you to customize event classifications which allow for easy sorting.
Age Group List
Age Group List allows you to customize age ranges which can be applied to events.
Registration Cost Classifications
Sets Cost classifications to allow different groups to be charged different amounts. NOTE: Credit Card payments must be enabled for this menu to appear.

Note: When working in All Branches, only System Configuration and Settings, Event Type List and Age Group List appear. To access the option options, please select an individual branch.

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