Frequently Asked Questions: Managing Security

If you are a long-time Evanced customer, you may have noticed a change to where our product's permissions are accessed and that there has been an increase to the security options available to you when creating or editing a staff's user account. This article is meant to address those changes which were released as a part of our permissions update on 12/10/2015 and how those changes may affect you and your staff.

Note: This security update does not affect our classic products such as Events, Room Reserve, and Summer Reader.

To view a detailed breakdown that defines each individual permission please see our Managing Security in New Core Applications article.

To review default roles/permissions, please see Default Security Roles

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Wandoo Reader

How does this affect my current users and roles? Are they going to be deleted?

What are global permissions?

How do I use the Global Permissions?

Can we change the order of products so our product will be on top?

What does this permission update mean for my users?

Why can't my staff access D!BS anymore?

What has changed with D!BS permissions?

Security used to be under the blue-wrench System Settings. Where did it go?

What has changed with SignUp permissions?

How does this affect my current SignUp roles?

What has changed with Spaces permissions?

How does this affect my current Spaces roles?

What does this permission update mean for the Admin role and the ability to create new programs in Wandoo Reader?

What has changed with Wandoo Reader permissions?

How does this affect my current Wandoo Reader roles?

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