How To Events-Add images to events

To add an image to an event you first have to make that image available on the internet. A good place to store images is in an image folder on your web server. You can also store them on public sites but they need to be directly accessible (hot-linkable). To be sure your image is going to work, you should first test it by putting the direct link to the image in your browser's address bar. If the image is displayed, it should work in events.

Create a new event and scroll down to the "Optional Image Display Path:" item.

Now the detailed view or list view of the event will include the image.

NOTE: If your Event Calendar site is hosted and you do not have another option for storing your images, Evanced support will be glad to store a limited amount of images under your site on our servers. However, updating these image files will require sending the files Evanced Support and waiting for them to upload the files to your site. Evanced Support will always try to complete this in a timely manner but some delay is unavoidable. If you have direct control of the storage location you will not have to wait on us to update the files for you.

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