Understanding the room capacity settings for D!BS

D!BS room capacity settings can be hard to understand.  The explanation below should be more helpful! 

Let's say you have rooms with various capacities.  For example: 

Room  Minimum    Maximum 
A 2 4
B 2 4
C 2 6
D 4 6
E 4 8

Let's say we are requesting a room and we have these choices:

 2 to 4 People 
 2 to 6 People 
 4 to 6 People 
 4 to 8 People 

We have 5 People.  First, which one do we choose? 

 You would say: "But they can all hold 5 People".  

Yes, but the Database query that looks for rooms is confused by your quest.  It looks for all rooms that can handle the numbers contained in your request.  So only rooms that can handle all of the numbers in the choice will be chosen.  Each choice is not unique. 

 The correct way to define the choices would be the following:

 2 to 3 People 
 4 to 4 People 
 5 to 6 People
 7 to 8 People 

 The reason this is correct is because each choice can be fully contained in at least one room capacity. 

Remember: All capacities have to be represented but each option has to be contained within the range of capacities for the room, and not split across them. 

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