Creating a Random Drawing



Random Drawing is an option to award prizes bases on specified criteria defined at the library. The library has the option to process a Random Drawing either for all programs or program specific.  To create a new drawing, click on "Create Drawing".  



Select Drawing


Challenge-Specific Drawing: Choose a Program.  Challenge-Specific Drawing requires you to select a Specific Challenge within One Program.   





Program Drawing: gives you the option to Filter by a Specific Program



Then click on "Locations".  Select the filters by Locations and Schools that you would like included in the report.  




Then click on "Conditions".  Enter and check the best Conditions that need to be selected for your Random Drawing. 

Conditions for running Challenge-Specific Drawing Random Drawing



Conditions for Program Drawing




When creating a new drawing, you can create a saved drawing with the filters selected. By entering a Template Name and click "Save As Template".  Any saved template will show under "Run Saved Drawing".  You can then DeleteEditor Run at any time by selecting the check box beside the name of the saved drawing. 



If you click on "Show Previous Winners" will show you all winners of previous drawings that have been ran and saved.  If you click the name of each Random Drawing title, it will then show you the names of the patrons who received that drawing. 


Custom Fields

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