Using Amazon SES Routing Services in Events & Room Reserve

Events and Room Reserve allow you to setup email functionality to increase your communication with patrons. To setup email, access Email Settings from the System Configuration and Settings page.

This article shows your email setup page after enabling Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). We have the utilization of these routing services and offer them free of charge to our customers. The transition to Amazon’s routing services will make sure your emails are properly received by your patrons.

Transition to this service will require you to contact Evanced Support and ask them to enable the service.

Sending Email Name |    Email address which is visible to user. The domain of the address will shift depending on which product you are making changes to.
Event Notification Offset |    How long before an event do you want notification emails sent to patrons who asked to be notified of coming events?
Event Reminder Offset |    How long before an event do you want registered patrons to be reminded?
Room Reminder Offset |    How long before a room has been reserved do you want reminders sent?
Web Server URL or IP |    Indicates the URL or IP address where Events has been installed. Include "http://” when entering the address (i.e. http://[serveraddress].com).
Folder Path |    Indicates the system subfolder where Events is installed. Type the path without the server address and starting or ending forward slash (i.e., Evanced/lib)
"From" Name |    When patrons receive an email from the system, what is the sender name?
"From" Email Address |    When a patron responds to an outbound email, this email address will receive the email.
Nightly Status "To" Email Name |    Refers to the name of the internal recipient of nightly status emails. This field is restricted to one name only. The Nightly Status and From name fields may contain the same name.
Nightly Status "To" Email Address |    Refers to the email address of the internal recipient/s of nightly status emails. This field can include multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon. The Nightly Status and From Email Address fields may contain the same email address.
Email Sending Options |    Do patrons who have subscribed to multiple events receive multiple emails, or one condensed email?
Enable Special Email info |    If you want to add event specific information to the general emails that are sent regarding an event, enable this feature. The special email text can then be manipulated through the Event Calendar.
Enable Logging   |    Enable a status log of the outgoing emails.



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