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The SignUp API is meant to open SignUp data to be consumable by your organization. Due to the technical nature of the API, intermediate to advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be needed. Please proceed with caution.

The most detailed documentation we have is from the application itself. We've detailed the majority of the v1 API functions in our API Documentation.

The new *portable* registration page has been created so that we can give people our complicated forms in an easy-to-consume format. This is a simple HTML form, one that you can embed into your own site, incorporate your own style sheets, and enable registration from your own site or app without having to leave the page. Along with some other examples, the registration form is detailed out on our API Example Page.

Want to get an API key for the authenticated calls in the SignUp API? Contact Evanced Support!

Once you have your API key, it will only work with your library's SignUp site. To access the API example page on your own site in order to try out the examples with your key, navigate to where YOUR_SITE is equal to your site's subdomain. For instance, if your SignUp site is, the API example page on your site can be found at


Please note that Evanced's support is limited to the functionality of the SignUp API and the way it looks independently. Evanced does not provide support for implementing the API on your site, nor does it provide support for the API after installation on your site.


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