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Please note that working with widgets requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Also note that this aggregate widget requires that you have purchased and are using and Aggregate SignUp calendar. You will know if you have an aggregate calendar if the URL you use to access the calendar contains "aggregate." If you are not running an Aggregate SignUp calendar, then please look into the SignUp Event List widget or SignUp Tiny Cal widget.

To use the Signup Aggregate Widget, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Download the attached zip file, and unzip all the contents into it's own folder.
2. Open the "widget.html" file and edit the following line to contain your aggregate calendar name:
var aggregateUrl = '[YOUR_AGGREGATE_NAME]?embed=true&callback=?';
3. That's it!  This code can be loaded on it's own, or added into an existing html page to be styled to your individual organization's needs.

We've included a simple stylesheet "assets/stylesheets/signupWidget.css" to get you started.

Please note that Evanced's support is limited to the functionality of the Aggregate widget and the way it looks independently. Evanced does not provide support for installing the widget on your site, nor does it provide support for the widget's design after installation on your site.

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