Understanding Email Templates

Email Templates control the text of the emails the system sends to patrons. You can find this menu via System Configuration and Settings.

Note: Email Templates are ONLY available to the individual branch level. If you cannot find the option on your menu, make sure you are logged into an individual branch.

There are five templates that can be customized.

Upcoming Event
The email that goes out to patrons who have subscribed to a specific event type
Registration Reminder
The email that goes out to patrons who have registered for an event
Event Reminder
The email that goes out to patrons who have clicked "Remind me" for a non-registration required event.
The email that confirms a patron's registration
Status Change
The email that notifies a patron if they've had a chance in their registration status (canceled, moved from waiting list, ect)

Fields can accept HTML and graphic codes. If you change default text located between the ^^ marks, you will lose the code that enables each message to be customized by the system.

You can save the template for the specific branch you are logged into, or save it across all branches, overwriting their settings.

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