Understanding Email Server Settings

NOTE: There have been significant changes to our email service. These instructions are valid for INSTALLED customers only. Hosted customers should contact Evanced Support for details on how to configure Email.

Events allows you to configure the outgoing emails the system sends. The Email Server Settings menu is located on the System Configuration and Settings menu for Events and for Rooms as well.

NOTE: This menu is ONLY available in All Branches mode. If you can't find it, check to make sure you are logged into the correct mode.

First, have your IT person configure the outgoing emails according to your current mail system. If you are unsure of what value to enter in a field or what a field title refers to, you may not be the right person to configure the email settings. Make sure you are authorized to change these settings.

SMTP Address (URL or IP):
[localhost] Refers to the localhost reference or the specific server address. Windows servers require the
SMTP address.
Authentication Type:

• No Authentication eliminates the user
name/password requirement for access to the
• Basic Authentication requires a user to enter a
user name and password.
• NTLM refers to NT LAN Manager
Outgoing SMTP Server Port:
Sets the outgoing port and determines if SSL is used.
User Name: Required for Basic Authentication.
Password: Required for Basic Authentication

The second half of the menu allows you to customize when emails are sent, and how they appear.

Event Notification Offset How long before an event do you want notification emails sent to patrons who asked to be notified of coming events?
Event Reminder Offset How long before an event do you want registered patrons to be reminded?
Room Reminder Offset How long before a room has been reserved do you want reminders sent?
Web Server URL or IP Indicates the URL or IP address where Events has been installed. Include "http://” when
entering the address (i.e., http://[serveraddress].com).
Folder Path Indicates the system subfolder where Events is installed. Type the path without the server address and starting or ending forward slash (i.e., Evanced/lib)
"From" Name When patrons receive an email from the system, what is the sender name?
"From" Email Address What email account sends the emails?
Nightly Status "To" Email Name Nightly Status "To” Email Name refers to the name of the internal recipient of nightly status emails. This field is restricted to one name only. The Nightly Status and From name fields may contain the same name.
Nightly Status "To" Email Address Nightly Status "To” Email Address refers to the email address of the internal recipient of nightly status emails. This field is restricted to one address only. The Nightly Status and From Email Address fields may contain the same email address.
Email Sending Options Do patrons who have subscribed to multiple events receive multiple emails, or one condensed email?
Enable Special Email info If you want to add event specific information to the general emails that are sent regarding an event, enable this feature. The special email text can then be manipulated through the Event Calendar.
Enable Logging Enable a status log of the outgoing emails.

For trouble shooting and a more detailed explanation, read this article.

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