Interactive Map Settings

If you would like to use one of Google's Interactive Maps in conjunction with your Events system, head to the Library Information page.

First, click the link to 

"Get Map API Key".

Note: to acquire a map API key, you need to have an account with google. Make sure you have a valid google account before beginning this process.

After clicking the link, find the section of the page that says:

Google Maps JavaScript API v2

Note: API v3 will not work with Events.

Under the V2 section, click the link that says: Learn how to use an APIs Console key.

You'll see this text:

"Obtaining an API Key

All Maps API applications should load the Maps API using an API key. Using an API key enables you to monitor your application's Maps API usage, and ensures that Google can contact you about your application if necessary. If your application's Maps API usage exceeds theUsage Limits, you must load the Maps API using an API key in order to purchase additional quota.

To create your API key, visit the APIs Console at and log in with your Google Account."

Click the link to create the API key. 

Once you do, click on the services tag.

Find the section for V2 API Map key Google Maps API v2  

Turn it on using the switch.

Click on the link to obtain your API. You can then paste that into the field in events.

Then to view the map go to your staff home page.

In the URL replace maintenance.asp with librarymap.asp and hit return. That's where you can view your interactive map.

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