Understanding List View

Published events appear both on the Events Calendar and in List View.

List view displays events in chronological order, presenting relevant information to the viewer.

On the left is a search filter identical the one in the Events Calendar.

Each event box contains options to maximize the user's experience.

More Info/Register Displays additional information about the event and if enabled allows the user to register for the event.
Show More Shows any additional information on the event
Email a Friend Opens a dialogue box that enables the patron to send an email notifying a friend of the event details.
Notify me Allows patrons to register for email updates for similar event types.
Print Allows the event details to be printed
Download to Calendar Allows the patron to download event information to an independent virtual calender such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple iCal. The result is an .ics file the use can save to their computer and open with the program of their choice. While this feature may work on some mobile devices including iPads, it is not intended to work on mobile devices and is not supported.
Remind Me Allows the user to sign up for an email reminder about the event.

Custom Fields

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