Understanding Ongoing and Recurring Events

Q: What is the difference between an Ongoing and a Recurring Event?

Ongoing and Recurring events are very different. You assign them when you add a new event (Events). This also works in SignUp.

Ongoing Events aren't really events in the normal way that we typically conceive of them. They are more like 'official designations'.

Ongoing Events: Are Library wide

Last all day
Have no actual meeting

An Ongoing Event can be a specific day (The Library's 100th Anniversary), a week (Librarian Appreciation Week), or a month (Black History Month). While the library may plan specific activities during an ongoing event, each one of those activities is actually classified differently.

For example, July might be Shakespeare month at the library. Shakespeare Month is the Ongoing Event. Having a poetry reading of Shakespeare's sonnets would be a separate event scheduled concurrent with the Ongoing Event.

Ongoing Events don't show up on the Events Calendar unless specifically enabled by the patron.

Recurring Events are completely different.

A recurring event is any event that meets in multiple sessions. Events can reoccur at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or irregular intervals (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, for example).  Recurring events make it possible to avoid entering each specific meeting or session individually.

Recurring Events can be registered for and tracked individually (each session) or as a whole (all sessions combined).

For information on deleting a single occurrence of a recurring event, read this article (EVENTS!).  

To delete a single occurrence of a recurring event in SignUp, just delete it from 'Find Event'. 

A three day lecture series on William Faulkner that meets each night at 8 PM would be a Recurring Event.

A three day designation celebrating William Faulkner's birthday would be an Ongoing Event.

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