Summer Reader Template Installation Guide

Instructions for Download and Installation:
1. Click on the template you wish to use in your Summer Reader program from the list below. This will open the template's code in a text file. *Note: If you need more information on the templates, Click Here
Custom Program 1: Group Registration
Custom Program 2:  Avid Readers-Kids
Custom Program 3: Teens with Facebook
Custom Program 4: Family Registration with Prizes
Custom Program 5: Basic
Custom Program 6: Children's with Parental Consent
Custom Program 7: Prize Heavy
Custom Program 8: Average Readers
Custom Program 9: Families with Children
Custom Program 10: Adult
Custom Program 11: Multi-Media
Custom Program 12: For Gamers
2. Select all of the text by going to 'Edit' and clicking 'Select All'.

3. Copy the text

4. Log into your admin side of Summer Reader and go to System Maintenance

5. Click on Import

6. Paste the text inside the text box and click Import.

7. Your program will now be imported into your Summer Reader and ready for you to configure!!!

8. For configuration steps, Click here for a detailed walkthrough.

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